Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm obsessed with even numbers. I don't really know why but I've always liked them much more than their odd friends. Six is my favorite number because when I was six years old I decided that it was the best age. All play and little work or responsibility...that was the life. I also love 8. It's so cute and robust.

Not terribly long ago I discovered a bizarre phenomenon. Okay so it's not actually a phenomenon but it is an incredibly interesting coincidence. It involves birthdays. I'll just show you what I'm talking about...

1. Troy's Dad=June 30
2. Troy's Mom= September 30
3. Troy=June 6
4. Troy's Sister=October 22
5. Troy's Other Sister=January 12
6. Troy's Other Sister= February 8
7. My Dad= October 18
8. My Mom= December 14
9. Me= September 8
10. My Brother= December 24
11. Garrett= July 20

Additionally, I'll just throw in there that Troy's parents, my parents and Troy & I all have anniversaries that fall on even days.

Matthew was supposed to be induced on February 27. I was thrilled to be adding another child to my family and didn't really care when he was born but not a single person in our immediate families has an odd birthday. So, while I didn't actually pray that God would give Matthew an even birthday (I realize he's a little busy curing cancer and stopping train crashes and all) I did seriously hope that he'd be born early or her induction time would be late enough on the 27th that he wouldn't be born until the 28th. Well, as you know, his birth mother wasn't actually able to get the induction until Saturday...

12. Matthew=February 28

So now I have even more reason to love even numbers, my family has this insane trend going. It should be mentioned that brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews and my FSIL have odd birthdays but the families we were raised in and the family we are raising are even.

That's probably not really blog worthy but I just find it to be incredibly interesting. And, while I am not, at this point in my dramatic life, planning on having anymore children, should I find myself pregnant or be led into another adoption, I would seriously hope for an even birthday-ed kid.


  1. Our anniversary is the same as Troy's b-day. My birthday is the same as your dad's. Your brother's birthday is the same as my sister's. My son's anniversary is the same as Garrett's b-day. Interesting, totally useless trivia. J

  2. I have a weird thing for numbers too. Jack was born the day after my grandmas birthday (my moms mom). Lucy was born the day after my moms birthday. It's nuts! But I think it's a sign of genius to like numbers...

  3. It's funny that you love even numbers because I've always been a big fan of odd numbers. Our little family seems to be big on even numbers - and even numbers in the 20s. Our anniversary is 1/20, husband's birthday is 5/26, mine is 10/24 and Baby Swiss' is 11/24.

  4. So I throw off the even numbered birthday thing, but at least our anniversary will be even for ya...the 20th...nice even number there.

  5. jay's is on the 1st, mine is on the 15th...does that make us the odds?

  6. I have never thought about this but my immediate family & the family I have now all have b-days on odd days. Weird!

  7. Oh, those are some interesting facts. Maybe there's something 'odd' about odd numbers that's why you're not fond of them. Haha! Yeah, pun intended. :)