Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I So Did Not Need To Know That

I try to keep this blog family friendly but the following story must be told.

So today I went to the farmer's market style store where I've been getting most of my fruits and vegetables. With my toddler and my seven week old in tow I entered the check out line. The woman in front of me had several things including corn dogs.

G: Hockey dogs!
Me: Yep.
G: Those my hockey dogs?
Me: No, they are hers.
Her: (Turning around) Do you like corn dogs?
G: Oh yes!
Her: (lifting up a huge dog bone) I'm also getting this for my dog. She'll love it.
Me: Oh, our dog would love that.
Her: What kind of dog do you have?
Me: A golden retriever.
Her: I have a miniature Australian shepherd*. She's is so spoiled.
Me: Our dog is pretty spoiled too.
Her: I love her so much. I'd rather have my dog than *insert word for male appendage here*.

Okay, now, you have to actually insert the word and say the whole sentence out loud or something. I think that is the only way to actually get the effect. I. Could. Not. Believe. It. Now, I am certainly not the most modest individual. I'll talk about a plethora of topics. And I am surrounded by lots of male appendages given the fact that I am the sole female in this house and that includes my dog and cat. But, to inform a complete and total stranger who has a two year old--who repeats everything--in her cart that you'd rather have your dog than, well, that...I was floored. To say the least. I stood there and kind of felt perplexed and wondered what I was supposed to say in response to that.

So I said nothing and she said, "I have to see your baby." I jumped at the chance to change the subject. Anything to keep me from discussing dogs vs. men with a total stranger. All the while I was thinking, Can I blog about this? No. Well, maybe. No. Yes? I have got to call my mom.

*I cannot actually remember what she said she had because the events that followed shocked that particular bit of information right out of my memory. I know it was a miniature something or other.


  1. haha people seem very open to tell strangers thing. I had a 911 caller the other night that went on and on about the cathitor(sp?) in a certain male appendage..thanks dude..tmi!

  2. You just got to love, or not, people and their candor.

    Seriously, I can't believe she said that in the public. Much less in the presence of a two year old.

  3. LMAO! My eyes bulged when I read that. I can almost see your expression. haha oh man some people are crazy! I too am surrounded by those male parts. I'm the only pink in a sea of blue!

  4. Im so glad you blogged this because this cracked me up!!

  5. I would have paid money to see your face. Remind me to tell you about what a woman said to me at one of our garage sales once...

  6. still laughing. and then yes, i too think all day, 'can i blog about this'? too funny.

  7. I'm guessing your face looked exactly like mine does RIGHT NOW. What the heck was wrong with her? Oy. People's judgment.

  8. Oh, she's too friendly. That's what we call "oversharing." :D
    Well, let's just look at it on the bright side. By the bright side, I mean you were able to blog about it and we had a good laugh.