Friday, April 3, 2009

This & That

It's been brought to my attention that my donation button was malfunctioning. It has since been fixed--I think. Should you choose to send us a donation, I will, in turn, let you know which part of my child you own. Of course I'm kidding but wouldn't it be cool if you could say, "I own Matthew Doozleberry's pinkie finger nail on his left hand." Or, "Oh shoot, suddenly I am in need of a kidney. Good thing I bought Matthew's."

There is something I really want to blog about but I can't, exactly. See, currently, Matthew has his birth mother's last name and will until the adoption is finalized--if the adoption is finalized. We had chosen his name long before we realized that, for the first many months of his life, he would technically have her name. As far as things like going to the doctor are concerned, Matthew has our last name but, for legal purposes, he has hers. And, when you put his first name with her last name it happens to be the name of a famous person. It's funny. It makes us laugh every time we hear it.

To all who are praying, linking back to this blog on your own, or sending us donations, we truly could not be more appreciative. Thank you~


  1. So how do you decide how much each part of Matthew is worth?
    It wasn't nice to tease us with the famous name thing. Now my head is spinning with famous Matthews. J

  2. Lori you crack me up. And J I am right there with you

  3. I'm so glad I know what his birth name is because otherwise I'd have to kill you cuz I hate stuff like

  4. Okay, it took me nearly half of the MOPS meeting to figure out "M" in the bible was for Matthew, only AFTER you had to tell me it was one of the gospels... oh I am sooooooooo blonde... I will use the excuse that I hadn't had coffee yet.

    Well, now I am all over the name game thingie again! Only, the only two that come to mind are a gorgeous guy who is a nude- drumming yoga-loving movie star, and the guy who played "Chandler" on friends.

    I probably am wrong on both counts, since I really am not good at this game. Sigh.