Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I just got a bill from the lawyer here in SLC for just shy of 1,000 dollars. That was after a courtesy discount of an additional 1,000. And that was after we paid him a 3,500 retainer. I need to send the new lawyer in California a retainer of 2,000 dollars. I am waiting for a bill from the other California attorney which will probably be a couple grand in addition to the 3,000 dollar retainer we already sent her. This has led me to several conclusions.

1. Praise God my grandparents had given us a loan.
2. Praise God that people are sending us donations of 25, 40, 100 and, in a couple cases, even more than that.
3. If the Lord allows us to keep Matthew, he'd (Matthew that is) better never, ever talk back. And also, better play in the NFL or be the president or something.
4. If we lose him, I should probably be locked up. You know, somewhere with padded rooms and finger painting.
5. I should have been an adoption attorney.


  1. Amen on #5! I certainly feel your pain. We ended up paying for four attorneys for our adoption and had several unexpected things come up that took a lot of the attorney's time, therefore our money.

    The good news is that we got every penny of taxes we paid in 2008 back and will get at the very least MOST of what we pay in taxes back for this year as well.

  2. The president really doesn't make that much money...plus, you think you're in a fishbowl now, just think what it would be like being the white mother of a black president. The NFL would be a much better choice.

    I can't even imagine getting bills like that. The fact that you haven't totally melted in a dark corner is a testament to God's arms around you. J

  3. If I have learned nothing by our custody case, it's that my pride should just go ahead and take a backseat.

    We had to borrow money from my parents and although it was the hardest thing for me to accept, they felt wonderful for being able to help this young child's life.

    What is it with lawyers at $3500 retainer fees?

    I have my daughter chanting.."when I grow up, I wanna be a doctor!"

  4. The president doesn't make a lot of money, in terms of salary, but the post-White House speaking engagements and book deals ROCK. Personally, I think I'll coax my son into golf. It's a sport he can play forever, and even if he's lousy at it, he can pull in a million dollars a year if he's in the top 100. Sure, it's boring, but whatever!

    I'm adding your banner to my blog. Hugs.

  5. "Pfft" on the padded room with finger painting comment - all will be good - God is good in all things.

    For some reason, your comment reminded me of the girl in "Girl Interrupted" who kept all those chicken carcasses under her bed, and again, you cracked me up.

  6. Oh how I wish I had money!! But you know what, I DO have a powerful Savior. At times like these I have to remind myself that that is SOO much better!

    Praying to Jesus for your precious family! He's gonna make this work!

  7. Any attorney for that matter. They roll in the $$$ a lot, but if it makes you feel any better BEING an attorney - a LOT of that $$$ does go to their overhead. :-# Not just to their heads and yhacts..

    And I would say the president makes pretty decent bang for his buck considering he doesn't have spend a buck during his term of office.

    Your son, Matthew should take hollywood by storm and become one of those highly demanded and top paid actor's move over Denzel, Matthew is in town now!