Tuesday, March 31, 2009


First of all, my wonderful friend Joelle made the Praying for Matthew's Future button in my side bar. If you want to grab it and take it on over to your own blog, we'd appreciate anyone and everyone praying for him.

We got a call this evening from the new attorney in California. Without going into legal detail in such a public forum, we are MUCH encouraged after talking to him. Of course, anything can happen but it was wonderful to hear him telling us that case law is on our side! Additionally, he's a believer (Praise God!) and he told us that he would try to keep our costs to a minimum. I'm not sure what that's a minimum of exactly. Could be the GNP of a small nation for all I know.

Again, anything can happen but it was certainly good to feel our spirits lifted.


  1. Yay for some positive news for you!

    P.S. My "word verification" is "twedness"...just sounds like a word that should have some cool definition, but I don't know what.

  2. Great news. God is so in control of this whole situation. I am taking the button and putting it on my blog right now.
    Have a great day and stay positive.

  3. Praise God for any and all pieces of good news! laying awake last night, i was thinking "lori really needs a support button on her blog that we can all post on ours!" smiled this morning when i saw it and immediately posted it onto mine.

    i've had lots of time to pray lately and much of that time is spent in prayer for your family.

  4. Gods fingerprints are all over this situation. We will be praying for guidance and wisdom for your lawyer - bonus that he might be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading as well!!!

  5. I'm so glad that there was some encouraging news! :)

  6. SO excited for the good news.

    I'm going to try to take the button. This might be taxing for my limited skills.

  7. We're still praying for a good future for Matthew. You guys are the best parents he could ever have. God bless you guys. :)