Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So Bridgett totally hooked me up and I was able to revamp my entire blog. Granted, there are no fish swimming about but I like the bubbles and daisies.

My parents headed back to California today. I kept Garrett's tears at bay by feeding him jelly beans in exchange for not crying. When the dozen jelly beans were gone he started this overdramatic wailing. When I said, What, on earth, are you doing back there? He replied, "I'm crying for my Papa." Oh brother.
Leah tagged me in a meme and so...

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
A day when Matthew is ours
Getting out of adoption debt (somehow)
The rapture (that's my long term plan for getting out of debt)
naptime (for the boys that is)
Hearing Matthew laugh
Taking Garrett in his pool in the summer
Seeing Troy when he gets home tonight

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Took the boys to the park with my parents
Ate salmon
Changed diapers
Went to a Worship meeting
Messed up my blog layout
Did laundry
Took a shower

8 Things I Wish I Could do:
Act on Broadway
Pay legal fees out of savings
Get paid to write
Play the guitar
Go to Italy
Live without worry
Get Matthew to sleep through the night
Make really good cheesecake

8 Shows I Enjoy:
Friends (on dvd)
Amazing Race
Biggest Loser
Dragon Tales (keeps my son way entertained)
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

8 people I tag:
Joelle at The A-Priori Mommy
Crayl at Beyond Black & White
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Heidi at NothingButBlueSky
My mom at Empty Nest-Full Life
Veronica at Amazingly Life-Like
Jen at Buckeyes in the Sun
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  1. Don't think any less of me, but I got a little teary when I saw that you tagged little ole me.

  2. I love the new digs! I can make you a header that has some fishies in it perhaps! I'm always looking for a fun project. Yay I've been tagged thanks I needed an extra blog this week ;-)

  3. totally adorable. loved your 8 things. :o)

  4. I like the goldfish addition :)

  5. i have a good cheesecake recipe if you want it. relatively easy too :)