Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We've been having some nice (warm!) days lately and I've had the wonderful privilege of just hanging out with my boys and enjoying life with them. Garrett is now 2 and 3/4 and I just don't know where, on earth, the past 33 months have gone. He cracks me up multiple time a day with his antics. This morning he walked into my room and said, "See ya later, mom, I'm going to WalMart. Back soon."

Alrighty then. Take care. Can you pick up some more milk for me while you're there? I mean, as long as you're so gung ho about running errands, you might as well earn your keep.

He loves going to the mailbox so I usually have him accompany me when I need to send something. Today he was playing with a Little People Airplane when I asked him if he wanted to help me.

G: Otay.
Me: Put your plane down so you can carry the mail.
G: (looking at me like I am dumbest person who ever walked the face of the planet and waving his unoccupied hand in my face) I have dis hand, too. Silly mommy.
Me: Oh. Okay. Precocious stinker.

Currently we are in the backyard playing in the kiddie pool. Or, rather, Garrett is playing in the kiddie pool, Matthew is napping on an activity mat and I am soaking up the sun. It's wonderful and peaceful and Garrett keeps getting drinks out of his pool and referring to it as wemowade, which is code for his favorite beverage, lemonade. No worries, I did not fill his pool with sticky lemon juice.There is nothing more perfect than his cackle as he slips down the slide into the chilly water.

These are the days I hope I never forget.


  1. Hilarious! I love reading about Garrett's witticisms. He seems really bright and funny and I look forward to spending more time with him someday! I still laugh to myself everyone now and then about "I pooped in Wall-E." It makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it. Probably disturbs the people around me in the grocery store when I randomly burst out laughing... :) Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted on your adventure with those two cute boys!

  2. That sounds so blissful! Oh to be young again. :)

  3. When my kids and their kids were here over Easter, I discovered my 3 year old grandson says "actally" a lot. It's quite cute.

    Lori, I'm sure when Garrett gets his driver license, he will be more than happy to run errands for you.

    So glad you're having a nice, warm, relaxing day. You deserve one of those every once in awhile. J

  4. Precocious stinker. You sound like my mom when I was growing up. I LOVE it.

  5. Garrett makes me laugh so much!
    "I'm going to Wal-mart"....haha. Thanks for sharing his funny comments - it always brightens my day :)

  6. Gosh... and those days slide by so quickly, don't they?

  7. Wemowade! So cute~
    Time flies really fast huh? I myself am shock to realize that I have already graduated from college, when it feels just like yesterday when I started out as a newbie at the university.