Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last night, after dinner, I was putting the lid on a Tupperware bowl full of sliced strawberries. Somehow, I applied the pressure all wrong. The bowl went skidding across the counter top and then fell to the ground, throwing strawberries and juice across the floor.

G: Uh oh. Strawberries on the hoar.
T: Yeah. We can let the dog have them.
Me: (Simultaneously said with Troy's statement) You can eat some off the floor if you want, buddy.
T: (Without missing a beat) Garrett, now you see where you rank on each of our list of priorities.


  1. Jory and I laughed until we cried. That was great.

  2. "Hoar" reminded me of this:

    As Zo and I were walking through a store once, she was telling me how it would be fun to be an animal when she grows up. I asked her what she'd be. She said, "A tiger, a camel," and just as she set her eyes upon something in a gaze, her speech trailed off simply with the ending of "and I'd like to be a hor...", (meaning horse) right in front of a sales clerk.

    Yep, not what I want for her to be, although that sales clerk had quite a laugh, and I nearly choked on my gum.

  3. hee-hee, but i'm with you, girl, on this one. :o)