Monday, March 31, 2008

The Run Has Ended

Today is the last day. Click here to read the first day.

You just don't see enough fuzzy toilet lid covers these days. I mean really. Why did these go out of style? What a perfect place to put on your nylons. Sit down on a comfy, cozy cover and your butt doesn't get chilled. And they just add so much character to the otherwise boring latrine. But, since they are difficult to find in stores these days, they are hard to come by. Enter The Magic Scarf. This is actually the perfect place to keep it. You always know where it is--affixed to the top of your toilet bowl--so when you need to use it for something else (i.e. burqa, tie, steering wheel cover, beret, dog leash) you simply run to your bathroom and yank it off.
This is also a good way to end the run of The Red Thing. It's in the toilet, been flushed, adios and sayonara. I hope you've had as much fun as we at the Doozleberry Home have. Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog where I will discuss some of the rejected Red Thing uses.
Garrett's attention span is about 20 minutes (maybe a half hour if he's tired) so imagine my surprise when my dad popped in Toy Story 2 last night and my kid watched the entire thing. He was so adorable. Whenever we would laugh, he would look in both directions, see that we found something funny and start giggling. His precious laugh is reason number 89,129,000,952 why I sometimes want to devour him with love.
He's been outside swinging (he got a Little Tikes swing from my parents for Easter!) and playing in the mud and I hear him in the garage so I'd better go assess the filthy clothing situation.


  1. Aaron's response to the final installment: "Well played Raptor girl, well played".

    I laughed , loudly. Brilliant!

  2. Freakin', bloody brilliant. Love the toilet seat. I want one! I want one! Perhaps I'll have to pick up my own magic red thingy. You have shown me the light!