Monday, March 10, 2008

Must Supress The Cravings

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I thought it was time for my ever impressed husband to appear in another Red Thing shot. The following photo shows just how versatile the Magic Scarf can truly be. We've appealed to infants with the use of the fuzzy diaper. We've appealed to women across the globe. We've appealed to men with the tie. (And by we I mean, of course, The Red Thing and me.) Now we are showing you that even old men, who would probably not be caught dead in the boutiques that these are often found in, can effectively wear the Magic Scarf. All hail the suspenders:

So, not only are these great for your average suspender wearing man of any age (also, they match the tie and cummerbund) they are great for someone who has recently become memory challenged. If your friend, spouse, or great-grandfather has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's simply shove him into Red Thing Suspenders or, as I like to call them Magic Scarpenders. This way, when he wanders off and Search & Rescue tries to locate him, he'll be helping them out by proudly displaying his humongous, bright, fuzzy suspenders.

It should be noted that it is not the intention of this blog author to make light of Alzheimer's or any other disease which effects the memory.


Dang it stays light here for a long time now. Being that I now live more north than I ever have before and we are pretty close to where Mountain Time ends and Pacific Time begins and we just leaped forward, it was light last night until sometime after 7:30. It's March! I don't know what the summer will bring other than a later bedtime for Garrett or some kind of black paper on his window so that he can sleep when it's still light out at 10 pm. (Exaggerating, I hope!)

My brother called last night and left me a nasty message about how he was eating white sauce from Miguel's. I didn't think it was a very nice thing to do to his best and only sister. Three and a half months must be the point in a move where you start longing for specific restaurants not found in your new neck of the woods because additionally, I'm craving a tostada from La Cocina and a piece of boysenberry apple pie from The Julian Pie Company. I'm sure I'll live through the cravings. Other than the yummy Cafe Rio, living out here is like Mexican food detox. I'm just a bit afraid of trying Comida de Mexico so very far from the border. I'm spooked that it will be Tex-Mex masquerading as authentic Mexican food. Or, more accurately, Tex-Mex masquerading as the exquisite California-food-with-its-heritage-rooted-in-Mexico that I know and love.


  1. You know what I crave? Red Iguana. Mmmm, Red Iguana. It's over on North Temple and 800 West or so. Excellent. Truly truly excellent food, lots of pre-Columbian stuff. Their mole is to die for. I miss good Latin American food - there just isn't anything that remotely compares in Portland.

    If you like mole, run, don't walk, to Red Iguana! (And if you've tried it and don't like it, the crack they put in the Cafe Rio food must be affecting your taste buds. :-) Joking!)

  2. First, I am now not so happy with my favorite mommy for mentioning white sauce. So not fair. I got some in November, but that craving is never truly satisfied. Siiigh.

    Second, here in WA it does stay light in the hight of summer until 10pm but you're a bit further south so you might not have quite the sunny "evenings" - it is reallly weird, you don't feel tired.

    Finally, I LOVE the suspenders! :)

  3. It probably only stays light until about 9. Not bad like 10, at all!

  4. Cute suspenders Troy!

    Sorry about the white sauce...let it be duly noted that your mom did NOT call and ask for directions when we were clearly lost, because she didn't want to make you sad. However, yum-yum to the white sauce.

  5. i never really liked mexican food until i moved to california. i discovered that it was because it tastes AMAZING here and disgusting everywhere else! (honestly, though would YOU trust a mexican restaraunt in canada of all places?) what i really miss, though is greek food. it was my fav back home and the greek cafes here do not do it justice. so i've begun making my own and its DANG good!

  6. Yep, Miguel's was awesome. White, cheesy goodness. Oh yeah. Isn't Troy about to reach suspender-wearing age, anyway? Keep those things on him in case he wanders away. Wow, it had been a long time since I made fun of his age.