Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh It Can Even Be A...

If you haven't stopped by in awhile, you can read about the birth of The Red Thing here.

So I'm sure that it's a fairly common dilemma. You're in line at WalMart and, after the cashier rings up all of your items, you realize that you just can't actually purchase all of them. You're short on cash or your spouse will claw your spendy little eyes out or you just didn't realize you'd put that much merchandise in your cart. You are left with a decision. Do you opt out of the tie for your husband or the child size sleeping bag? Oh have I got a solution for you. Put them both back and pick up a Red Thing. I'm not actually sure if WalMart has gotten in on the Magic Scarf action yet but you can just go buy one on the Internet from the confines of your own home. As you've already seen, The Red Thing makes a wonderful tie and let me assure you that it also makes a fantastic children's sleeping bag. Or, really, let Garrett assure you:


1. Spread out The Red Thing on the floor or bed or in a tent or wherever.

2. Insert child into the hole in the scarf.

3. Prop child's head up with pillow.


1. Insert pacifier into child's mouth. (This is really only acceptable if the child is quite young.)

2. Distribute literature to the youth.

Now if you're surprised that he stayed still long enough for me to get this shot, you're not the only one. Especially since the camera has been malfunctioning lately and decided to get stuck on display and I had to keep saying over and over in the most soothing voice I could muster, "Stay there, Garrett. You're being such a good boy. Just lay still." Finally, I got the shot and you know what? He didn't want to move once I had it. So you see, The Red Thing as Sleeping Bag is comfy, cozy and downright sublime.

You know you want one!


  1. Be sure to keep these Red Thing photos of Garrett. They will come in handy as leverage in his teenage years.

  2. haha That is the cutest picture of him! Love it! Think you can stretch it for an adult sleeping bag. It would be an interesting and amusing tale nonetheless of its one and only limitation if it doesn't.

  3. Way too cute!! Grandma and Grandpa called and left us a message telling us to check out the blog for today.

    Too bad he won't lay still like that for Grandpa when he's in the tent!

  4. I can just picture trying to get him to stay still until the camera is working. I've been there!

  5. I want a Red Thing if it comes with a Garrett stuffed inside!