Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prepare Yourselves For Today's Red Thing

If you're new to Red Thing March, or have no idea what I'm talking about, click here to read the post that started it all.Here we have my wonderful sport of a of husband modeling The Red Thing masquerading as a necktie. I know exactly what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Oh my goodness. Until this very minute I had no idea what to get my husband/boyfriend for Easter. Candy is so 1990's and I've gotten him a DVD for the last three years in a row but behold, I have found the perfect gift! Magic Scarf! Who knew it could also be a necktie?" And, no doubt, if you are a guy you are thinking, "How can I drop subtle hints to my wife/girlfriend that this is exactly what I want for Easter?" And, I mean, if the recipient of such a gift doesn't happen to wear a great deal of red, remember that there are all sorts of shades including The Multicolored Thing. I'm thinking that they should sell these at Men's Warehouse with all their other ties.

One of the members of my marriage thinks that this looks like a 1970's pimp tie and the other thinks it looks like something Fred Flintstone would wear. I'm sure, if you think hard enough, you can figure out which spouse goes with which opinion. Really it's just a simple matter of deduction. One of us just has a dirtier mind than the other. One of us is just a better, more decent human being than the other. One of us suggested that the other maybe not put the word pimp in her blog. One of us didn't listen. You get the picture. In any case, here is your chance to tell us both if you have The Pure Pastor's mind or if you share in the often questionable thought processes of The Theatre Major.

I can't figure out how to embed the poll directly into this blog entry, but if you'd frolick on over to my sidebar, you can take part in the poll. It's located directly under the life altering quote by Erma Bombeck and just above the picture of me with my super trouper of a husband. (Now, if that doesn't remind you of a song by Abba or, consequently, a number from the musical Mamma Mia then I don't know what.)


  1. With my tongue in my cheek, I'll just say that I've heard that Theater Majors are more fun.



    This is brilliant.

  3. Pimp Flinstone. Seriously, funniest thing I have seen in awhile. T is such a good sport!

  4. oh yeah, Troy's life would be SO boring without you! You add the spice girl! :o) Love the tie Troy, seriously, should wear it on Sunday.