Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Fuzzy Red...

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We are back from our trip to Brian Head. We had a wonderful time with family and I went skiing for the first time in ten years. Garrett had a great time sledding (or, in this case, saucering) and leading people around by the fingers. This finger leading has earned him the new nickname "Tater" which is short for The Dictator. It takes 3.5 hours to get to Brian Head from where we live and Tater did not cry more than about 20 minutes total. And those 20 minutes were on the way there. Today he did not cry for even a fraction of a second. Yay! I'll expand with details of the skiing later but right now I need to get a Red Thing picture up here and then get back to my laundry. Because y'all, we got really wet and stinky during these last couple of days.

Someone read my previous post and was curious as to why I have, in my possession, a tiara. The answer would be that my veil was attached to that "tiara" in my wedding. I hope that I looked more like a bride and less like a beauty queen when I wore it.

I'll give credit where credit is due and this following Red Thing photo was my husband's idea.

I don't think there are words. Other than, maybe, "Oh yah. The Red Thing totally rocks as a steering wheel cover!" This is great for cold winter days when your steering wheel is so cold you can't bear to put your hands on it. It's also great in the summer when your steering wheel is blazing hot. The most important feature of this photo, however, is the fact that when this car was born, steering wheel covers weren't out of style. That's because this Honda is only a few years younger than my own self. Do you see the funky looking clip in the bottom corner of the picture? That would be the jerryrigging efforts of my father who, when the heater/air conditioner knob stopped working, invented this wonderful device. I refer to it as the roach clip. It was super special to be the Christian college student driving down the road with what looked like drug paraphernalia attached to the dash of her car.


  1. Oh. My. Can't breathe. Laughing too freakin' hard.

    My fav yet.

  2. Glad you're back! Yay for only 20 minutes of crying.

  3. Yay you've returned! I remember that clip... happy to see it's remained. :) I'm glad you've returned I am one of the few that was having withdrawls of no posts! It was one of my daily stops and I was mildly panicked when there wasn't one on Tuesday. Whew! You're back!

  4. I really like the steering wheel cover. In Ramona, it would be quite useful in the summer. I fry my hands on the Rodeo's steering wheel. Now, as for the roach clip. That just brings back some ugly memories of my BC days! Not your hemostats, mind you, but a pair of my own. I'm glad God is so good.

  5. Lori, That is so not Darcy's comment. She must have been on my computer last. I don't even know how that can happen! Angie

  6. I have messed up on my password 3 times now so I am just going in under anonymous. I really am pathetic at this but I know how much Amy loves to read her comments. Angie