Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's Just Say It Involved A Yeti

So my parents are here, like I said, and, well, there was an accident. Let's just say it involved a snow mobile, a Yeti sighting, and a severe case of black ice. We spent the evening in the emergency room and, thankfully, they released my father to recover at my home. This was only accomplished because I assured them that we had our own traction and I would make sure my dad used it.

Okay so I hope you came to the conclusion that my father didn't actually meet a yeti while on a snow mobile speeding over black ice. But IF he had, well, The Red Thing would have come in quite handy. And kudos to my dad for being a total sport and posing for this picture.

So, we have one more episode of The Red Thing/Magic Scarf. I'm just wondering if anyone has any guesses as to what it might be. If you guess correctly I will give you major credit in the final installment. Disclaimer: You cannot be my mother or my husband because you two already know what it is.


  1. Hmm I say... jump rope! Something active and exciting for the final exciting conclusion. OR a book cover, like to symbolize the final chapter of this book.... I could go on - but I'm sticking with jump rope at the moment.

  2. Your dad rocks! As for tomorrow's installment: Car seat cover. Aaron guessed:Bike chain or fan belt.
    We actually have a larger list, how many guesses do we get?
    1,2,3,4......(this is sounding like a jumping rope poem)

  3. Oh I want to guess soooo bad! Wait...if you already know is it a guess? Hmmm.......