Friday, March 21, 2008

Is Your Kid A Messy Eater? No Worries.

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There it is, the Magic Bib. I call it that not only because it is made from a Magic Scarf but because it also has so many nooks and crannies that you would probably only have to wash it once a week. Your little tot can drop Cheerios into it, yogurt down the front, heck even stuff those peas he doesn't want into one of the fuzzy pores and it'll still look like it's fresh from the laundry. Additionally, this bib is a one size fits all. That's great news for the elderly who may have lost some hand/mouth coordination and the person who is prone to spilling. I know a little something about that because I used to drop something down the front of myself at nearly every meal. And don't forget that it comes in assorted colors so you can buy pink for your daughter (or great grandmother) and you can buy blue for your son. Of course, if your son is confident in his manhood, you could put him in the pink one as well. I prefer red because, well, that's the color I own.

Yesterday at MOPS the topic was gardening. Let me tell you, my thumbs are not even tinted green. So pretty much I just sat there listening and letting my mind wander and then pulling it back into focus and listening some more. But then the speaker starting talking about how there is this one composter on the market that uses dog poop. Now that's recycling! After the snow melted and our ground started thawing out, my poor husband spent well over an hour cleaning up three months worth of doggie waste. If only we'd had that composter. And, well, a garden. Now I really must be going because San Diego is playing their March Madness game and it happens to be the only one I care about. Not that I think they'll upset Connecticut, mind you, but here's hoping.


  1. U - S - D!!!! Whooo-Hooooo.....

  2. Ha ha. Glad my mind wasn't the only one wandering. We don't even have a dog for the poo composter. So I couldn't even get excited about that.