Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The No Name Red Thing

Click here for the background on the glorious Red Thing!

So you know what, I don't even know what to call this. I feel like maybe they wear them in Russia? I really feel like calling it a babushka but I just looked that up and it's the Russian word for grandmother. I'd laugh my FANNY off if suddenly my son began referring to one or both of his grandmas as Babushka. So, um, does anyone know what this is called? I feel as though Disney's Anastasia wore this at some point when it was chilly outside. In any case, The Red Thing can totally be a "thing that you wear around your shoulders and up over your head."

Today G and I went to the zoo with Allison and her kids. He seemed to really enjoy the elephants as well as the turkeys that kept gobbling in unison. But the most important thing that happened was that Garrett went down the big slide all by himself. Well, that is to say, he was followed very closely by Tiny Mommy (Allison's daughter who reminds me so much of my own self at that age) who made sure he was safe/not lost/holding someone's hand for the majority of the day. It was quite nice to go to the zoo and have someone else practically babysit my kid so that I could chat with my friend about that one time in college when someone barfed in my mouth. Also he ate his lunch like a good little boy despite the fact that we were eating right next to the playground. This has led me to the conclusion that aliens abducted my child last night while I slept. Any bets on whether or not it was the same alien that lives in my neck?


  1. hold up! how do i not know the story about someone barfing in your mouth in college? for that matter, i am unfamiliar with any other stories of barf in your mouth that wasn't yours.