Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

No clue what The Red Thing is, start here.

This is what the website likes to call The Crisscross Shawl. At least, I think that's what it's called. It should be noted that my husband actually thinks the Red Thing kind of works when it is in such a configuration. But if I were ever freezing to death I might...might, mind you...consider wearing it. Like this, I mean. I would consider wearing it like this. Because I wear my Red Thing all the time. And my husband wears it as a tie. Yah.

And I just threw this one in there for fun. This is what I look like after one too many Magic Scarf photos.

Cute huh? Oh yah. I shoulda been a super model. It should also be pointed out that The Red Thing Crisscross Shawl really rocks as an accessory to a maroon and brown stripped shirt.
Happy Easter! He is risen! We had a really blessed worship session this morning at church followed by my wonderful husband explaining why Jesus was really dead and, no, the disciples did not steal his body and, yes, he appeared to a great many people so he really did raise from the dead and that is the basis of our faith and salvation is free and...guess don't have to work for it!

It was weird not being at Mountain View this morning. I haven't missed an Easter at MVCC in over fifteen years. But it was wonderful being at our new church. If I could shove my old church and my new church into one congregation in one building in, maybe, Lake Tahoe, the world would combust with perfection.

Garrett was really sweet this morning. Here he is just before we left for church. He grabbed that bat and was obsessed with carrying it around. The funny thing about that is that it's shaped like a carrot. Two Easters ago, when I was pregnant with either a Kate or a Garrett, we referred to The Fetus as Carrot (or, I guess, more accurately "Karrett"). I filled Troy's Easter basket with all sorts of carrot items. This carrot bat was one of the things he got on that Easter morning--to play plasticball with his future son or daughter. It's flat out ridiculous that The Fetus is walking around wielding it with ease and wearing a sweater vest. What happened to my teeny little embryo?

And yes, in his other hand is the itty bitty Mater that he is obsessed with and must sleep with and have in his possession AT ALL TIMES.We were really color coordinated at church this morning and we didn't even do it on purpose. And since Garrett rarely wears a collar or a sweater vest and Troy rarely wears a suit and I haven't worn a dress to church since September, I deemed the occasion picture worthy. Other than that serious problem where my one eye will not stop being smaller than the other, I think it's a good picture of us. But then again, how did my fetus get so freaking gigantic?

So gigantic, in fact, that he went hunting for eggs. Despite the fact that he has never, ever, hunted for eggs before, he seemed to know exactly what to do. What this video proves is that I have got to stop talking to my son like he is four months old. I sincerely apologize to anyone who has to listen to me speak on a regular basis.


  1. What a beautiful day and plenty of reason to rejoice!
    Your family looks beautiful and your little guy looks like a little man!

  2. He is his uncle's nephew...a taste for sweets. That picture of him with the carrot bat is stinkin' cute.

  3. He looks so cute! I can't wait to see you guys in 5 days!!! Can you send me the family picture to my email so that I can get it printed? It is sooo cute.

  4. you all are stinkin' cute, (to steal Jon's word)....oh, and I love the Mater thing. With dave it was a miniture Buzz Lightyear, which actually went swimming in the San Diego bay late one night and had to be fished out by his cousin off the side of a big boat. Too cute to see Buzz, floating along. But sadly Buzz disappeared, seriously, disappeared, Dave ate him. Slowing, over time, first it was his legs, then his arms, then I really don't know what happened but the torso was just...gone. Pretty funny kid I've got. And as a sentimental mom, I miss Buzz. :O) Happy Easter!

  5. gales of laughter. had you not commented on how your voice sounds on the video, it would not have been nearly as funny, so thank you for pointing it out. my mom caught me waving "bye bye" with tristan on a video last week and, after watching it, i have vowed never EVER to wave like that again.