Monday, May 18, 2009

Week In Review

Last week we went and looked in a really big hole. When, several days later, Garrett asked if we could go back to the dirt hole, I admitted defeat and realized that my life will always be trucks and dust and big holes in the ground and enormous tires. Seriously, when I was nine we rode out onto the Athabasca Glacier in these giant glacier trekking bus thingies (their official name, yes). My brother and I took a picture standing next to one of the gigantic tires. I assure you, however, that it was nothing compared to this...
Big hole in the ground + giant tire = really happy two year old. Speaking of having a two year old, the other day he obtained a Sharpie and did this to himself. Kind of reminds me of the time we were in WalMart and he was exasperating me to no end. When I questioned his actions through clenched teeth with a Garrett, what are you doing? He replied, "I'm just being two."

We took the boys swimming on Saturday. It was Matthew's first time. Let me just tell you that the whole ordeal was so ho hum to the eleven week old it was ridiculous. We entered the water and he looked at me like So that's it? That's what you've been making such a big deal about? Whatever.

I contemplated dunking. Then I decided to just go for it. I blew hard in his face several times to make sure he would respond and hold his breath. He was a champ so I counted to three, blew, and dunked quickly. He came back up completely indifferent. Well, except for the fact that it took him about ten seconds to actually breath again and I was starting to get slightly worried. But other than that, he didn't cry, he didn't look overly concerned, he was a total little fish. Or, some other kind of sea creature that's virtually immobile. He's more like a little sea star or a sponge.

In case you're wondering, I'm wearing a competitive practice suit because I went and swam laps right after our excursion. I don't generally wear that kind of a suit just for the fun of it. It should also be noted that indoor pools (there is only one outdoor pool open right now and it's the lap swimming pool) make me want to gag. I can't stand the chlorine fumes circling around. They really need somewhere to the atmosphere. Can you tell by my face that I'm thinking Can't breathe. Dying of fume inhalation. Also, I just realized that there is a girl in the background of that picture totally smiling and flashing the peace sign. Oh to be twelve again.


  1. I love the picture of Matthew in the water, he is so cute!

  2. Way to go racer girl. Oh, I do not miss those speedo suits. High five for competitive swimming club!!!!

    Also, how cool is it that you have a water baby!!!?!?!?! Awesome. Can't wait to hear more swimming stories.

  3. the peace sign twelve year old cracks me up. Jess was like Matthew and she is such a swimmer. But be carefull Jess thought she wouldn't drowned. She scares me. BTW the break up took place last night. I knew it was coming.

  4. The funny thing is, when I looked at the picture of you and Matthew, the first thing I noticed was the girl in the back. Oh, to get in other people's photos.