Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Musical Bedrooms

When The Rock Star was three months old, he moved out. Up until that point, he was sleeping in his Pack n Play in our bedroom. However, he was becoming increasingly aware of the fact that we were right there. It was distracting him from the task at hand--sleeping. Additionally, we knew that we were going to transition him to his own room at some point and we figured it would be better when he was little and not, say, three. He'd been sleeping through the night for weeks and he took the change like a champ. He's been a great sleeper since. Or, he was. Until this whole rooster fiasco. It's not a strange thing to find him on our floor in the morning. How he sneaks in so quietly is beyond my comprehension.

Yesterday, three days shy of three months and an old pro at sleeping through the night, we decided to transition Matthew into his own room. Except that he doesn't have his own room. He shares with Garrett. We were going to delay this change because of all the growing pains it's bound to cause as both boys learn to sleep through the other's shenanigans. Then we decided that if there are going to be major adjustments, we might as well get 'em over with. We could have given each boy his own room but decided that they can share. That way, they also have a playroom.

I love to organize. Troy, not so much. But yesterday, as we shifted furniture, he pretended beautifully. When we were cleaning up the dishes after dinner the following transpired...

Me: (dancing around the kitchen like a lunatic) Do you think I'm attractive?
T: Of course I do.
Me: What, specifically, do you find attractive?
T: Everything but your OCD.
Me: Oh come on, are you saying that you don't think a well organized room is sexy?
T: (rolls his eyes)

And in case you're curious, when the boys went to bed, roosters attacked The Rock Star almost instantly so, of course, he didn't fall asleep for almost an hour on account of all the trauma they'd caused him. Once he did, however, the boys slept peacefully.


  1. I'll have to post pictures after the movers have put all of our stuff into our new place up in Monterey next month. I always make them take everything out of boxes and just pile it up because it forces me to get organized faster. You'll probably think it looks like a playground.

  2. You make me laugh. J

  3. If you were dancing around like a lunatic rooster, well, then that explains Matthews sleeping difficulty completely.


  4. OCD is sexy!!! At least that's what the perfectly aligned letter fridge magnets tell me.

  5. Hmmmmm....maybe Trace is on to something. If you are dancing around like a lunatic AND talking then the Rock Star may only be hearing "cock-a-doodle-do." You know, along the lines of Charlie Brown's mom and Charlie only hears wap-wap-wap.

  6. Lori,
    I virtually never comment on your blog, although I read it pretty much everyday! Mostly I don't comment because I'm at work, and ***shouldn't*** be making comments, but today, well, it's slow. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I thorougly enjoy your blog, your boys and your humor and insight! I keep Matthew in my prayers, and just wanted to give you an extra shot of encouragement today. You are an awesome, strong woman, and I am so glad you are in this world being you! Even when you're puking or playing with the Red THing. So, despite the usual silence, I just wanted to step out of the woodwork and give you props for being a great momma. Big or little. :) Laura

  7. Oh good grief...I just spent the three day weekend doing musical furniture re-arranging at our SLC house. Upstairs stuff went downstairs and vice versa. I think we should let the World Health Organization know there is a new "re-arranging and organizing" virus emerging here. We need a vaccine...now!

    Also: when you get more kids, are all of them going to have two letter T in their names?


    I'm going to be fighting boredom at work by trying to think of more double t names. Who knows when another kid might be added to your brood real sudden like!

  8. I still find Garrett's fear quite amusing. He reminds me of that big guy from My Name is Earl... I think he's Earl's brother.
    A little OCD is sexy. :)