Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Letter

Dear Missy,

Why, oh why, did we spend part of our car ride home last night discussing the finer points of our children vomiting? It was like I somehow voodoo-ed it upon my son. Are your kids barfing? This morning, at 5:40, I heard him screaming for me. He's been throwing up since. I'd also like to know how children can be throwing up one minute and jumping around the next. When I finish ralphing I'm shaky and, while my stomach feels temporarily better, I certainly do not dance around my home. Maybe life has jaded me. Maybe I know, in my head, that there's more coming. Perhaps the tragedy of barf (life) hasn't quite gotten to my son yet.

There is a silver lining. At close to three, he gives us about a two second warning, which seems like eternity compared to the way he threw up when he was a baby.

Here's hoping that the vomiting subsides soon~



  1. Hi, I saw your link from another link and came to say HI. I was reading around your blog, and saw you mention Ramona. I'm in that area so I thought I'd give a shout out to you! Darling boys you have!

  2. I'm so sorry...don't forget part of our conversation was about us barfing and needing help with our kids. If you need help call me.

  3. Lori! I am in the same boat as Garrett! Mine began at 2am and I now look so svelte and my skin is aglow... there has to be something good to be said for the flu!

  4. you guys barf more than anyone i know. wow. poor things. hope you're all better soon.

  5. It's like what we call "speak of the devil." In this situation, it's your kid's vomit that is the devil. Well, at least you were able to prepare yourself for it. :D