Friday, May 22, 2009


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My house is a total disaster but I so don't feel guilty about blogging. See, I'm sitting in the hallway between Garrett's room and my room. Both boys should be sleeping but neither is. Matthew is just squealing and cooing, happy as a little clam. The Rock Star keeps getting up with special requests including but not limited to I need my light on. I need my book. I need to go pot-pot (his word, not ours). There's a rooster.

So I've positioned myself between the rooms to preempt further nap distractions. There's not a whole lot I can clean from here so I'm perfectly happy to blog. If you're thinking I should do away with Garrett's naps on account of the fact that he's almost three, I assure you, it's crossed my mind. However, once he falls asleep he's out for at least an hour and a half and without the nap he's an enormous grumpy pants.

Today we were out shopping for Troy's birthday. I have no idea why I took the boys with me. Well, I mean, I took them because otherwise they would have been here alone with only the dog and a surly cat for babysitters. What I mean to say is that I have no idea why I went during a time when I'd have them with me. Matthew is fine to take but last week we bought Troy a present and, despite my telling him that it was a secret, Garrett promptly informed Troy of exactly what it was.

Anyway, we met Troy for a coupon/dollar menu Wendy's lunch. While we were ordering, Garrett wouldn't come when Troy called him. The two went outside and had a little chat. Troy informed Garrett that he'd have to be really good and eat all of his lunch if he was going to get any of the Frosty that we were sharing. All through lunch he was an angel and, in a little voice, continued asking if he could have ice cream when he was all done. Our response was continuously, "I don't know yet."

When we were done eating, Troy explained the concept of mercy to Garrett. Then, with a spoonful of ice cream headed toward Garrett's mouth, Troy said, "I am going to show you mercy."

After swallowing the delicious bite of Frosty, The Rock Star peered at Troy with giant green eyes and quietly asked, "I have more mercy, Daddy?"


  1. mmmm... some mercy with a side of fries sounds really good right now.

  2. Everyday. He makes me laugh everyday.

  3. There is a reason Garrett and Spencer get along so well. Just wait til he's 8! :)