Friday, May 15, 2009

Three Conversations

The Rock Star has been learning his colors. So, the following conversation was bound to happen someday.

G: (drinking his morning milk) My milk makes me white.
T: No, your milk is white and you are white but your milk doesn't make you white.
G: I am white.
Me: Yes, you are.
G: Mommy is white.
Me: Yes, I am. Pasty white, in fact.
G: Matthew is brown.
Me: Uh huh. He is.
G: (thinking for a moment) Daddy is hairy.

Just let me state, for the record, that Troy is certainly not the hairiest man walking the planet. He just happens to be the hairiest human in our house.

Another funny conversation took place last night. As you know, he calls Matthew "Little Buddy" and he does it so often that I also call Matthew "Little Buddy" and, because it's habit to say now, I also find myself calling Garrett "Little Buddy".

Me: (to Garrett) Come on Little Buddy.
G: I not Little Buddy. I Big Buddy Darrett.
Me: Oh. Sorry.
G: Come on Little Mommy.
Me: (laughing) Little Mommy? I'm bigger than you are!
G: Oh! Come on Big Mama.

Big Mama? I definitely prefer Little Mommy.

Funny conversation number three occurred this morning. Our church's previous pastor's wife was at our house for about an hour and I quizzed The Rock Star on his Bible knowledge. I asked him all the questions he knows like, Who was Jesus's mom? Who built an ark? Who got swallowed by a big fish? Then I moved on to some of the ones we've been teaching him lately.

Me: Who was in the garden?
G: Adam.
Me: Yep. Who was there with him?
G: blank stare
Me: Who was his wife?
G: Steve!
Me: Eve, Garrett, her name was Eve.


  1. OH conversation #3. That was too funny.

  2. Oh my that thing about Daddy being hairy just about killed me! Seriously. I can hardly breath from laughing, that's so funny! Meanwhile, my own rather hairy husband, is just sort of looking at me as if I've lost my mind. He apparently didn't find the conversation to be as humorous. I think perhaps he's worried about what our own child might say like that some day.

  3. hahahaha! so sweet! We had the color convo a little while ago but it was chocolate that started it off! We came to the conclusion that Martin and I are white chocolate, Joe is dark chocolate and Jesse is Milk chocolate!

  4. You mean it wasn't Adam and Steve in the Garden? All my friends in SF think it was....

  5. LOL! All awesome conversations. I'm waiting for my son to recognize that my husband is hairy. That's going to be a blast! (Warning: after colors comes private parts.)

  6. LOL at this post! Who's Steve?
    Well, just like what the TV show then said, kids say (and ask) the darndest things.
    So, is it Little Mama or Big Mama then? :D