Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sugar Tookies

Yesterday, while waiting for the lawyer to call, I made sugar cookies. If I'd had more time I might have baked the whole house because I was trying to get my mind off of the court proceedings.

This morning, Troy was getting ready to leave for his prayer meeting and I was getting ready to go to Bible study. We were both in our wee master bathroom (trust me, the hardest thing about moving from our previous rental to our current rental was the loss of my majestically enormous master bath) and we heard Garrett coming up the stairs. He entered our room.

G: I'm not doing nothing. This always means something. Especially when he volunteers the information himself, unprompted. He entered our bathroom and I immediately saw what "nothing" was.
Me: (to Troy) Do you see what "nothing" is?
T: What?
Me: Look at his face. His cheeks were covered in crumbs and red sprinkles.
T: Garrett, come here. Now listen, I'm going to ask you what you've been doing and you're probably going to get into trouble. But trust me, it will be worse if you lie to me. Okay?
G: Otay.
T: What have you been doing?
G: (without missing a beat) I was eating tookie.

I came downstairs, sure I'd see a chair pushed up against the counter but the little thief had put it back in it's place to cover his tracks. Fortunately for us, he doesn't yet understand how to eat without getting it all over his face. As for the fact that I would have surely noticed a cookie missing...

If you look closely, you'll see that the center cookie, replaced perfectly in the middle of the pile, has several bites missing. Having trouble seeing it?

Is that better?


Thank you so much to the generous people who have used my Paypal button to donate to Matthew's adoption. Some of you are dear friends and others of you I have never even met. Your donations help us to realize that we are supposed to be fighting this fight. We truly could not be doing this without you. If you've been considering donating but only have five or ten dollars and don't feel like that would help us, let me assure you that it certainly would. Any donation, large or small, will help us meet our exorbitant legal fees. Again, we are blessed, humbled, and awed by those who have given any amount of money to help us fight.

Of course, above all, we are thankful to all who have prayed for our case. Please continue to lift us up in prayer.


  1. Garrett is really one of the greatest people I have ever met. I love how sneaky he has gotten. next week, he'll just sneak out and have a night on the town gallivanting with his posse. Good luck with that...

  2. My husband does the same thing on occasion as I make a goodie, although it is even funnier when the crumbs are lodged in a beard.

    Even funnier than that is if I don't tell him and he goes along all day without knowing - that will teach him! :)

  3. Who says kids aren't sinful until they reach a certain age? I know you didn't teach him how to sneak cookies, it was just innate. At least he fessed up quickly. On the other hand, it was pretty funny. J

  4. "This always means something. Especially when he volunteers the information himself, unprompted."
    - LOL. I think kids make this mistake too often.
    Why did he have to return the cookie? He should have just ate it all. :D