Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fashion Blunder

So this post certainly created a lot of buzz in the comment section. I had no idea when I contemplated whether or not it would be acceptable to wear a scrunchie to The Rock Star's swimming lesson that my decision would end up being such a catastrophic blunder. I did think about it. Then I decided that it holds my "barely long enough for a ponytail" bangs and oh what the heck, it's just a swimming lesson. Oh if I'd only known then what I know now.
I'd like to thank Jen for being my personal Internet stylist. Hopefully, the following pictures meet your approval.

And yes, it is true, the now infamous white scrunchie did travel in a moving van when I moved my life from southern California to northern Utah. Utah holds no responsibility for Monday's fantastic fashion faux pas. That's on me. Though I have noticed that, in some areas, Utah is approximately 13.2 years behind the times. Or at least, the coastal times. Although again, in fairness, if it wasn't 70 degrees in California on Christmas, maybe people would still be rocking sweatshirts with puffy paint and jingly bells.

However, there is a great debate surrounding this accessory. It seems Shakespeare had it all wrong. To scrunchie or not to scrunchie, that is the real question. We all know the commenter's stance. But I did receive a call in which the person stated, "I wear them at home all the time. And I take them camping." Apparently, anonymous lady person who I will not identify lest the Internet eat you alive, you should not wear them to swimming lessons.

It should be stated that I haven't worn a scrunchie to, say, church or the mall in approximately nine years. I'm a little afraid, however, to step out of the house now for fear that I'm wearing something that went out of style when I was ten. I mean, should I get rid of my spandex pants and slouch socks? What about all my skorts and bodysuits?

I'm kidding. Please tell me you knew I was kidding.

Can you tell by his face that last night's swimming lesson was 200% better than Monday's. Garrett had no tantrums. He did everything he was asked to do. He even dared to jump off the wall into my awaiting arms which, let me tell you, is major progress. When we practiced back floating, Garrett let go of me with each and every limb! And then a chorus of Alleluias could be heard from the heavens.

Of course, the angels were singing less for the fact that The Rock Star was much less petrified and more because I had not worn a hideous scrunchie to the pool.


  1. know, I was just thinking about them the other day. What was the point? Fancy shorts? Skirts for the un-lady-like? Who knows. I wonder when they'll make a comeback.

  2. Do I have to get rid of my neon parachute pants?

  3. I wore flourescent lime green aerobic pants when I taught funk aerobics in the early 90's. A friend of mine who was color blind said while squinting at me, "I don't know what you are wearing, but it really HURTS!"

    And I had the scrunchies and the LA Gears... (ahem)

    Good memories people. Good memories.

  4. ok so SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE AND LISTEN TO THIS: i went shopping last weekend at a nearby bigger city mall (it was across the river in wisconsin, to minnesota's defense) and I saw in the stores slap bracelets, high top sneakers, lace cuffed leggings, and slouch socks. i felt like i had time-warped back to 4th grade. UGH

  5. i love the scrunchie. i also loved the purple with white polka dots body suit i had. ah, those were the days.

  6. what I can't get is those sandle things that are kinda like high top shoes. They were ugly then and even uglier now. I saw someone wearing them yesterday. yuck yuck yuck!!

  7. Lori, if you hadn't posted the scrunchie picture on the internet, no one would have ever known or cared. You take your chances in life when you blog. :)

    I actually bought a pair of skorts for my granddaughter yesterday at the Patagonia Outlet store sale. J

  8. hadn't read the comments from the original scrunchie post, so wasn't able to add my 2 cents, but i'd like to now:

    WHAT is so wrong with the scrunchie? i admit, 2 years ago before becoming a mom, i would never have even considered the possibility of wearing one in public. however, i find that it is the most comfortable hair accessory i own. it doesn't get caught in my hair, it doesn't pull, it is so soft and gentle AND it can very easily be washed! i have to admit that i now wear them in public all the time. perhaps it has something to do with the fact that i'm 9 months pregnant and hobbling around using a walker like a senior citizen...i just don't care anymore!

  9. I was at Nordsrom the other day and they were selling NINETY DOLLAR JELLIES.

  10. Okay, I officially feel bad for making you feel bad, but you look sooooo much prettier in the latest photos without the odd blob of twisty fabric sitting in your hair.

    Perhaps Garrett agrees and it explains his improved behavior.
    Kidding, kidding....

  11. Gorgeous. You look like a sophisticated Mommy 'n' Me attendee now!

    I think skorts are back. At least a sporty version of them are, because I keep seeing runners around the lake wearing them. What's the point, I wonder? Just to make you look more feminine when you run?

  12. LOL at the scrunchy story! Well, I don't think it's that hideous, but it's not something you should wear while on the pool.
    I hope Garrett is doing great with the lessons. :)