Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take A Flight

Yesterday The Rock Star made me cry.

See, he and his "Papa" are like this. Well, alright, so you can't see hand signals but I'm crossing one of my fingers over another one to symbolize closeness. Or, rather, I was until I needed to resume typing. They're BFF. Peas in a pod. Potatoes and gravy. Peanut butter and jelly--except that both my dad and myself do not actually like peanut butter accompanied by jelly but that's really beside the point. Although it should be pointed out that for years I have preferred my peanut butter to be all alone on the bread and never knew, until about a month ago, that I inherited this bizarre trait from my father. Anyway...

My boy and his grandpa are close. For some reason, Garrett got it in his head yesterday that we were going to California to see beloved Papa. He kept telling me that we should go to the airport and "take a flight". While it always pulls my heartstrings when Garrett wants to go see my parents (and he thinks it is something we can just "do" and that it doesn't require a good deal of planning) it really got to me last night.

G: We going to the airport now?
Me: No, Honey. I told you that we can't visit Papa and Grandma today. (I'd like it to be noted that Troy and I do not use pet names for each other. We think we sound ridiculous if we even try. But I am constantly calling my sons things like "honey" and "sweetheart".)
G: But we could just go take a flight.
Me: No, Bud, we can't. It costs a lot of money to fly to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
G: We have money?
Me: (Kind of laughing at his innocence) No. We really don't.
G: We do right there. (He points at the coin jar on Troy's dresser.)
Me: Oh, Honey (pet name again) that's not even close to enough money to fly to Papa's.
G: It not?
Me: No. I'm sorry.
G: (Thinking for a second about how best to reduce his mother to tears. Then, with extreme excitement) I have money in my bank bank! I go get it!
Me: (Through tears) That is so sweet, but it's not enough either.
G: (Pointing to Troy's coin jar) With that monies too! (I was trying not to cry but I was still very proud of him for thinking about combining separate amounts of money to reach the desired goal.)
Me: It still wouldn't be enough.
G: Oh, no? We shake all the monies out of my bank bank. It come out the bottom. I show you. (He starts toward the door.)
Me: Garrett. I know you would spend all your money (this is a big deal, the boy is a miser) to go see Grandpa, but there isn't enough in your bank. I promise.
G: (completely degraded) Oh. Okay. Maybe soon.
Me: Maybe soon.
G: After my night night?


Sometimes I hate living away from family. What I hate even more is that my two year old really doesn't understand why he can't see his Papa whenever he pleases. Although, honestly, if he got to see him whenever he wanted to we'd be living with my parents and my dad would have a buddy everyday at work.


  1. That is the saddest thing I've ever read. Give him a big kiss from his Papa and his Damma please.
    Kiss Matthew too.honjam

  2. What is honjam? Is that some new nickname I don't know about?

  3. If Garrett got his wish to have Papa as close by as he wanted they're be a bunk bed in his room. I'm not sure how your mom and dad would feel about that arrangement.


  4. Reading this makes me remember how far away you guys are. Move back. Now.

  5. ah so sweet, so tender and so sad! time for papa and damma to visit again, are you letting garrett so stay with them this summer for awhile??? its hard enough with jessica and rob and kids being 1 hr away, can't imagine. but then heidi's folks are even further away than you guys are. hard hard, thankful for phones email, facebook, and airplanes!!!

    hugs to you all

  6. Easton loves his grandpa like that too. He just doesn't have the words yet. It makes me sad for both of them. It sucks when your mom and dad don't live close...worse for you because you are away from least I still have my peeps in Ramona and my sister.
    Chin up! Maybe if you keep posting sad blogs they'll feel so guilty they come back for another visit soon.

  7. Aw. So, so sweet. I love that your son has extended family that he adores, and on behalf of my own son, I'm very jealous.

  8. Oh sorry, again. This is probably my fault. I'm having trouble remembering what took place on which Wed. morning but recently (probably last week) Garrett and Ana stood on the triangular play thing at Sonrise and pointed out the airplanes. They looked like they were in a toy flight tower. I told them that the planes were going to the airport to pick up more people. Garrett mentioned his g'pa, but I can't remember what was said now. Ana told Garrett we are going to the airplane port soon...he probably misunderstood. Poor thing. Three year olds can't keep a story straight can they?

  9. Aw... breaks your heart, doesn't it? Well, they are going to understand it someday. Your boy is very smart, and surely it won't take too long for him to understand the situation. :)