Sunday, July 26, 2009


Please continue to pray for Karsie!
I want to take just a moment to tell you about some of the recent blessings we've received. Back on June 19 I wrote a blog about God being in control. I said:

Because of donations small and large, we have been able to continue our fight. God Is In Control of Things Number Three. To let you all know, we are almost out of money. I'm only saying that so that you can watch with me as the Lord does something awesome. I promise I'll write about it when it happens.

Donations slowed, although we were incredibly grateful for the amounts we were receiving. The account holding the remainder of our loan drained itself quickly. Still, we prayed. The last two weeks have been incredible.

1. We've been on a payment plan with Jennifer's* lawyer. In April, right about the time we entered into this payment plan, Troy received a raise of approximately $200 dollars a month. With me being a stay at home mom, we were using everything Troy brought in each month to pay our bills and eat and such. We agreed to pay Jennifer's lawyer the amount of Troy's raise and keep everything else the way it was. When I paid her this month, we still owed her $3575. We were at the point where we needed to enter into a payment plan with our lawyer in California. I really didn't want to have several payment plans so I asked Jennifer's lawyer if we might be able to drain the rest of our adoption fund, pay her $3000 and call it even. That way, we use what we currently pay her to pay our lawyer each month. She agreed, essentially giving us a $575 gift toward our adoption.

2. Our lawyer was willing to set up a payment plan. I called and asked what he usually requires on a monthly basis. When I heard the reply, "500," my heart heart momentarily sank and I wondered how in the world we'd be able to continue paying him. But then I heard, "But we'll work with you. What can you do?" And my offer of $200 was accepted.

3. We received $100 dollars from a couple at church.

4. We received $100 dollars given anonymously at church.

5. We received $20 dollars through my paypal account from someone at our previous church.

6. We received $50 dollars from an old and wonderful friend of mine. (And by old I mean that we've been friends for a long time, not that she actually is old.)

7. We received $75 dollars from a woman I have never met but we are quasi-related through marriage.

8. We received $150 dollars from dear friends.

9. My parents bought us a bed and mattress for our 3 year old so that Matthew could move out of the Pack n Play and into the crib.

10. My parents bought us $100 dollars worth of groceries while they were here.

I think that is it for the past two weeks (in terms of financial donations) but please forgive me if you're reading this and I have somehow forgotten yours. We have had times of feast and we have had times of famine. The last two weeks have definitely been a time of feast and we are ever so thankful to those who have generously contributed. The Lord has used you in a mighty way to bless us.

We will now be paying our California lawyer $200 a month. We hope that, eventually, we will also be incurring fees with our Utah lawyer as that would mean that he was working to finalize our adoption. In September, Garrett will start preschool. We had originally planned to use a major portion of Troy's raise to pay for Garrett's schooling. We are now praying for a way to pay both the lawyer and the preschool. We're confident that the Lord will provide. We would also like to begin slowly paying back my grandparents, who generously allowed us to spend their money in the first place--even though they aren't asking for it.

I promised to tell you all when we saw the Lord tangibly providing for us. He has. I know he will continue and I will share those blessings with you as well. Additionally, of course, he is providing strength for us through your faithful prayers. As we hear stories of those who are praying and as we see financial support trickling (and sometimes pouring) in, we remain convinced that, whatever the outcome, God wants us fighting on behalf of this child.


*Still not her real name.


  1. I understand that you are putting your faith in God, but why not get a part time job on weekends, or nights to help out your family?

    When most people want something they will work hard for it, and do whatever it takes, and not just sit around and wait for people to hand it to you.

    With all your close church friends and what not, if your husband can not watch the kids, maybe they would help.

    I understand the process of adoption. I went through it 3 times as a nanny, including gong to the states to pick up the babies. One of those adoptions failed and the birth mom took the baby back at 58 days. I know that it was $50K all said and done for each of the 2 successful adoptions, and that they are healthy and happy kids.

    I wish you luck, but honestly it seems like you should do some more to help yourself, than sit around and ask people for money.

  2. Lori.. God is indeed good and all things are possible through Him. Keep fighting for this little guy and your family. Continue to listen to God's voice and do things as he instructs. You have more patience and strength than I have seen in most people. Although times have been trying, your faith has remained strong. I love reading the updates and hear what God is doing in your life.

    As far as what this anonymous person said: everyone is entitled to their opinion I guess. As long as you know in your heart of hearts that you and troy are doing as the Lord leads, then continue to do as you are doing.

    I believe that in no way what so ever are you guys begging for money. Clearly this person doesn't know you at all.

  3. Lori: I think it's funny that "anonymous" failed to identify him/herself. But I guess I wouldn't identify myself either if I was basically telling someone they were handling this situation like a bum. Whoever you are, you are entitled to your opinion, but if it's not helpful in a situation like this, how about you don't share it. You have no idea what this family is going through. Congratulations for going through 3 adoptions as a nanny. Your situations were yours, and this is theirs. You have no idea. I'm not trying to be mean, but when you basically tell my sister she is a beggar and is handling this very difficult situation wrong, it ignites me. I'm all for the hard work that you call for. Here is some hard work for you: being a stay-at-home mother to two children, one of which you don't even know if you will ultimately keep. All the while keeping the home on working order and dealing with the emotional turmoil of it all. I think that classifies as hard work. I leave with my original thought in response to what you dare you?
    *To anyone offended by my response or to anyone who thinks I flew off the handle, maybe I did. You may do the same if someone said that about your sister, too.*

  4. Lori, I'm amazed by your strength, persistance, courage, and faith throughout this whole adoption ordeal. Please don't give a second thought to anyone who ignorantly says otherwise.

  5. Oh my goodness!!! Why, oh why, did I make my New Year's resolution to not say rude things to people? Whoever anonymous is they are a coward. They say they came to the states to pick up the baby which I think means we can rule out the fact that they actually live anywhere near you. They also must not realize what type of a schedule a pastor and his wife have. Don't give them a second thought. I realize they are entitled to their opinion, but as another blogger I know would say, "perhaps this person should not read your blog."

  6. Well, I did NOT make any resolution to not be rude - but allow me to be the first to object to the cliche of "everyone is entitled to their opinion" No they are NOT!

    Anonymous doesn't know you from a hill of beans and certainly does not care about your actual situation whatsoever. So in MY opinion she doesn't GET an opinion. So this dribble she's typed out here in sheepish shame by refusing to acknowledge whom she (Anonymous, if you're a "male" you certainly don't meet the bar of a gentleman or a real man so I'll refer to you as a 'she' it's equally fitting) is just tantmount to inflamatory loaded language. It certainly has inflamed me.

    Lori, I know that you know that you are doing exactly what you should be doing in. It has been a blessing for you to be able to stay at home with the boys since you moved. You don't need any of us to defend you against Anonymous and her off-base, ill-informed understanding of your life and situation. But this lawyer and debater just could NOT sit at her keyboard and not defend her friend from this mean-spirited commenter.

    God has blessed the two of you in many ways, and I hope that this person doesn't dissuade you from your continued efforts to keep those that love you and your family informed - I think it's so wonderful that so many people are helping you, this is clearly all a part of God's great design for you life.

    Anonymous, I truly hope that you return to this post and think twice - or read MORE of Lori's blog and understand her life before you go on making WRONG statements like "sit around and wait..." and to use another cliche that I think IS more fitting for you: "If you can't say something nice; don't say ANYTHING at all."

  7. Thank you Jo!!! Thank you!! I just remembered something else I wanted to say.....If Lori went to work in the evenings their family unit would suffer. When would they have time as a family? When would they nuture these two little boys as a couple? When would the boys see what a healthy family and marriage was supposed to be like? One of the reasons Matthew's birth-mom chose them to raise Matthew was BECAUSE Lori was a stay at home mom. I don't think anyone has felt like they HAD to give any money towards Matthew's adoption. That's just what people do when they feel a cause is just and worthy of their help.

  8. Since when does anyone learn about every aspect of the life of a family from reading a blog. "Anonymous" you really are diluted! I believe that my friends before me have said exactly what I want to say, but I want to say it so much more rudely. Please understand that I now believe that you are a rude person, a coward (as someone before me has said), someone who doesn't care about family, and an elitist. Is that fair? No. But that's exactly the same type of judgement you have passed on to this family going through an incredibly emotional process. I don't care if you have gone through this 100 times, you have no right to think that Lori's situation even remotely resembles yours. I'm sure that if you can remember your own adoption process you needed prayer and support of friends, not some random person telling you that you're hurting your family. On behalf of my family, and I'm sure many, many others who read this blog, go find another place to vent your insecurities!

  9. i'd like to slap anonymous. you guys are doing fine and you didn't need to take the precious time to answer any questions. shame on anonymous.

  10. I think every one is doing a great job defending you. Stay at home mom work HARD thank you very much!!! Stay at home mom's that are also pastor's wives work HARDER and sacrifice more than anyone I have ever met. I can 't see how you could possible have a job and be the wife Troy needs you to be or the mommy the boys deserve. YOU ARE AMAZING and I look up to you.

  11. When I read the comments from Anonymous, my blood started to boil and I had the same supportive thoughts as the rest of you. Thanks for speaking up for Lori.

    For clarification, the only reason I sign in as Anonymous is because I'm still slightly computer dumb. But I do leave my initial J as an identifier, and Lori knows who I am. J

  12. You have such good friends who are willing to help you in your times of need. :) Don't forget to thank God for giving them to you.
    We wish you more blessings!