Monday, July 13, 2009

Pool Time

Today Troy had to run an errand and, instead of taking Garrett along like he usually does, he took Matthew. I decided to take Garrett over to the pool, just the two of us. Troy and I left at approximately the same time and, when Matthew went with Troy, Garrett burst into tears. "I want Little Buddy to go with us! I don't want him to leave. Bring him back!"

Oh boy. I explained over and over again that he was running an errand with daddy and we were going to have some time together. He finally stopped crying. As we loaded our stuff into the car he smiled.

G: We are going to the pool just us.
Me: Yep. Because I don't get to spend enough time with just you anymore.
G: Yeah.
Me: Why is that, do you think?
G: Because now we have Little Bud. (Pause. As though I'd be upset by this statement of fact he continued.) But I don't want him to leave. It's up to God and Jesus.

When we got to the pool he wanted me to slide down the red, twisty, slide with him. He does it by himself but he really likes to slide with someone. First, we went down on our boggins (that happens to be one of my favorite Garrettisms ever) and then I suggested that I lay on my tummy and let him ride down on my back, with his arms around my neck. That's what we did and, as we got out and headed up to do it again he looked at me and almost whispered, "I love you so much."

The feeling, my precocious precious son, is completely mutual.


  1. He sounds like an awesome little boy and great big brother. :)

  2. goosebumps and tears...that's the sweetest thing ever.

  3. How sweet. Don't you just charish those special times together? I wish I could do more one on one with my girls. I've noticed that Amelia is such a sweety when it's just her and I...and she doesn't have to compete with a three year old for my attention.