Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Prayers

To begin, I am so sorry that the link I posted last night was broken. It's been fixed. I'll list it again, just to be sure you realize how important it is to go there right now and read about Karsie Gene and pray for her!

It took me forever to fall asleep last night. I just kept praying, over and over, for Karsie. For Kevin. For Michelle. Being a mother, being so fiercely in love with my children, I could not begin to comprehend what she was going through. Eventually, I fell asleep. At 1:30 I heard Matthew screaming over the monitor.

Matthew started sleeping through the night right around two months. Honestly, I don't think he's woken up in the middle of the night since then. I darted into his room and snatched him up. It was then that I realized Garrett's bed was empty. I wondered if he'd taken himself to my parents, who were in the guest room. I wondered if he'd gone to lay on our floor. I wondered if he'd wandered outside--somehow--to play in the street or if someone had taken him from his bed while he slept or where on Earth he was. As I tried to calm Matthew, I quickly went back to my room. There, on the floor, was my boy. His perfect little feet were poking out from underneath his blanket. I looked down at my baby. He was falling asleep in my arms. I gently placed him back in his bed. In a way, I didn't want him to settle down so easily. A part of me wanted to rock with him for the duration of the night. To never, ever, let go of him. I crawled back into bed.

And I prayed for Karsie. I prayed that Kevin and Michelle would have thousands of nights with their precious daughter. I won't give any details on this blog--they have their own. And I sincerely hope that they are okay with me sharing the link here. I'd ask them but, well, I think they have much more important things to do than take my phone call. My hope for posting about this is that you will visit their blog and look into the eyes of their miracle and pray that she continues to defy the odds.

We have been so uplifted by the prayer of friends and strangers who have read about our drama with Matthew. I pray that Kevin, Michelle, and Karsie would benefit from some of my readers going before the Lord in prayer on their behalf.

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  1. I held my boy tonight and prayed fiercely for them. My heart breaks and soars all at the same time knowing that God has a plan for little Karsie. I think your boys knew that you needed them last night :)