Thursday, July 9, 2009

Prayer Request

Several days ago we received another bill in the mail. June's fees totaled $2,382.97 but this time I didn't burst into a fountain of tears. I didn't contemplate bank robbery. I felt, somehow, nothing. I threw my hands up in the air, looked up to heaven, and said, "Whatever. You're in control. You know what you're doing."

He is in control. He knows what He is doing. But I just paid the bills this month and, when I went to pay the attorney, I discovered what I thought to be true. The loan, once we pay everyone in full, will be exhausted. I emailed his secretary and asked if we might be able to set up a payment plan. My heart feels heavy with the weight of this situation. It cries out for Matthew's well-being. My mind and my humanness wonder what will happen in the end. What I suspect is that I will be stronger for having endured this trial. What I know is that I will have been drawn deeper into the presence of the Almighty. What I need are your prayers.

I am asking the Lord to work a miracle. I am asking for financial relief and I am asking for an end to this battle. Yes, I am asking for a favorable ending for our family but, above that, I am praying for what's best for Matthew. I've been praying that prayer for over four months and it's still the first request off of my lips. He is my son. I will always want what is best for him. Please join with me in praying that the Lord will see fit to work in a mighty way. We have heard stories of people we've never met who are lifting our family up in prayer. Whether we have a personal relationship with you or you've found our story here on this blog, we are thankful for you. The Lord has used you to minister to us through prayer and we beg you to continue praying. Thank you. I know we could not be doing this without you.

If anyone has a question about Matthew, this process, our faith, or anything we've learned through this ordeal, please don't hesitate to ask. Feel free to leave a question in the comment section or send me an email. I'd love to answer any question that might help direct your prayers.


  1. Praying every day for relief - emotional, moneterial, and family.

  2. As much as I would love a miracle for you, so often when God carries us through the hard times, we look back and see that that WAS the miracle. We have no idea how we got through whatever it was. Praying for God's best for all of you. J

  3. prayers for you and your family in this journey.