Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh I Wish I Had A River...

As we drove through The Gorge, Troy informed me that the reason he has a hard time acknowledging certain bodies of water as rivers when they clearly look like creeks or streams is because his reference point for what a river should look like is the vast Columbia.

The next day Troy slept as I drove from southern Idaho to Salt Lake. As the car approached a sign I thoroughly contemplated waking him. The sign read, "Raft River". We crossed over a teensy weensy little brook. It looked to be about a foot deep and approximately three feet wide. I'm certainly that rafting would have been impossible. Even for, say, a four month old in a blow up rubber ducky.

I, therefore, feel that this stream has been improperly named. Is it, maybe, larger in April? Does it widen and produce huge rapids elsewhere in its windy course? If not, I refuse to refer to it as "Raft River" and am unofficially changing its name to "Itsy Bitsy Brook".


  1. We just drove through this stretch (from Portland to Denver via SLC) yesterday and today, and I too, laughed at "raft river." Hilarious!

  2. What does Troy think of Utah's version of the Jordan River? Personally, I think it looks like a canal, and not the kind you find in Venice. J

  3. Honestly, I have a little trouble of differentiating bodies of water myself. Creeks, brooks, streams... they're quite confusing! I understand though, that rivers are supposed to be bigger or longer compared to these three. :D