Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

While Little Buddy napped this morning, The Rock Star and I flipped through his scrapbooks. We were looking at the page that has a picture of the positive pregnancy test, his first ultrasound photo (done just a couple days after I found out I was pregnant), and two pictures of my then very flat abdomen. I asked him where he was in the picture.

G: In mommy's tummy.
Me: That's right.
G: (suddenly and with horror) You ate me?

We also looked through Matthew's scrapbook and Garrett pointed to a picture of Matthew's birth mom. "That's earth mother right there." I will likely have a vision of that woman every time I hear the words "Mother Earth" from here on out.

Finally, we also watched part of a DVD that my brother made chronicling the first 17 months of Garrett's life. He watched his first birthday party, saw the present my brother had purchased for him two years ago and said, "Oh no, mommy. I already have that!" Well, yeah. Hence the reason you're only one year old in the video and now you're almost three. Later, he saw another gift, sighed and muttered, "I have that, too!"


  1. little boys are awesome! I love their logic. Hehehe

  2. i love that your blog is always somewhere i can go for a good chuckle (or a tearfest, depending upon the post!)