Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh How The Years Go By

When The Rock Star was just a few days old we took his picture on his daddy's Seahawks jersey. By the way, it is ridiculously impossible that he was ever this small. Impossible. It was all a figment of my overactive imagination.

A year later he looked like this:
That's a lot of changing in a year. It always amazes me just how much they change in one year. They go from looking like some kind of glow worm type thing to a miniature human. It's unreal. The changes just kept coming because then he turned into this:
Note the shirt that he's wearing. It's a green shirt. There is a picture of a little creature and it says Mr. Silly. His daddy bought it for him and he adored it.

What strikes me, now that I see these pictures together, is how little he changed between two and three. Don't get me wrong, he went from barely speaking to chattering about anything and everything all day long. But physically, he just didn't change all that much.
Note the shirt that he's wearing. It's a green shirt. There is a picture of a little creature and it says Mr. Silly. His daddy bought it for him and he still adores it. I didn't even remember that he had this shirt last year, let alone that he wore it in the annual Seahawks jersey pic. Oh well. And hey, San Diego fans, never fear, Garrett is a huge Chargers fan. We figure it's okay for him to have two teams. After all, they're not even in the same league.
When I look at these pictures, in chronological order, they don't seem quite so impossible. But, when I look at the first one compared to the last, well, I practically hyperventilate and feel the need to drown my sorrows in some sort of non-alcoholic blended fruit drink with an umbrella poking out the top. It's sheer ridiculousness.
Just thought I'd share a couple more pictures with you to get my mind off the fact that my son will not stop growing and climbing and getting himself into all sorts of shenanigans that I feel directly correspond to the fact that he's now a little boy.
Slow down, Matthew! Slow down. Stay like this! There is no reason for you to turn into that huge three-year-old lying next to you. Tell you what, I'll let you get to six months. Then I want you to stay small and squeally forever.

Okay. So. On Monday The Rock Star and his daddy went to Men's Warehouse to order their tuxedos for my brother's wedding. Apparently, the lady who was fitting them thought it would be funny to stretch out a sock and put it on Garrett's head. Of course, Garrett found it gut busting hilarious. He had to show me the minute they got home.

Yes, I know. It sure looks like White Boy is wearing a do-rag. I think it kind of looks like he's getting ready to get his wig on because he's about to be in a play. And, well, you know that they share just about everything. That, plus the fact that we really couldn't resist, led to this:

Do-rag sportin' Spud. And we couldn't stop laughing. And Matthew thought it was just as hilarious as Garrett did.


  1. Do rag sporting Spud is adorable!!! I can't believe the Rock Star is that big either. I was just looking at Hopper pictures from the time Garrett was a little baby until now and it made me sad.

  2. I can't get over your pictures. I love, love, LOVE them. :)

  3. That is CUTE! Made me laugh and laugh. J

  4. Oh man matthew is so cute sporting that love his smile!!!

  5. Absolutely adorable pictures! What about Matthew's tuxedo? Maybe he could wear a tuxedo t-shirt...and the do-rag! :) Now the entire wedding party must don a sock, and yes, please take a picture! Can't wait to see the entire family.
    Love, Sabrina p.s.I don't don't how to post my name in blue.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is the most adorable picture of Matthew!! I think that would make anyone smile, let alone his Momma's heart melt! Love to you all!

  7. Crud. Now I remember last year when you did the Jersey picture I made a mental note to do the same thing whenever I had a kiddo. Except then I completely forgot and now I guess I'm going to be getting a late start.

    And you really need to stop posting about how big G is getting because I can't handle it. Peter simple isn't going to get that big. Ever.

    Oh, and I like how you notice that physically he didn't change much between 2 and 3. I have sort of an irrational fear of the ages 2-5 because while a whole lot happens there aren't a lot of "milestones."

  8. Ok those bottom two pictures are the cutest - Matthew has a GREAT smile. I need to get crackin' on his blanket. Still deciding on a theme.... has he shown an affinity to a certain color?

  9. oh. my. gosh.

    I just died. from cuteness overload.

    your boys can GRIN.

  10. i love me some do-rags. gotta get me some. spud is cuti-licious.

  11. Your boys are just adorable and I love all the stories about them.