Thursday, July 16, 2009

What We Know

1. Our trial date is still set for April. It is subject to change but likely wouldn't happen before December.

2. We agreed to monitored visitation where the BF comes here. It was strongly recommended by our attorney and, truthfully, we wondered why it hadn't been ordered sooner. The first visitation day will be August 15.

3. There will be a status review hearing on October 29. At that point, the pysch evaluations which have been ordered for BF and Jennifer will be available. Sometime between now and then, we need to meet with the doctor who is performing the evaluations so that she can get a read on us as well.

4. Our lawyer is still confident that the judge will ultimately want Matthew with us.


  1. It seems its always what will make you look good "in the eyes of the court" and normally that's the stuff that is hardest to agree to.

    Keep your head up and your heart open!

  2. agghh! It is so hard to read your post when there is just no definate answer....if i find it hard, and i dont even know you, i can not imagine how hard it is for you.
    I have a number of my family members who have added your family to their prayer list. I really do pray that His will will be done.
    Have a blessed day with your beautiful boys.

  3. It's nice that some things are finally getting dealt with and you have a "solidified" time line -

    Still praying for all of you.

  4. Hi Lori,
    I don't know you personally but have been following your story through Kevin and Michelle! I just connected to your blog through theirs and thought I would leave a quick comment. You and your family come to my mind often as I know you are dealing with adoption issues. My family adopted 3 children and I understand the fear, love, uncertainty, faith, trust, and stress involved in all of that. I pray for you often and love the pictures of your little boys! I look forward to hearing how God works this all out for His good for you! :)

    Sarah Botts
    Bakersfield, CA