Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sleep Talking

I had been asleep for about 15 minutes when I heard it. Two squawks came ringing across our video monitor. I've mentioned our monitor before and explained that it is the best thing ever. I don't think I've ever given credit where credit is due, however. My good friend, Jenni, purchased the monitor for us when I was pregnant with The Rock Star. Jenni just had her first baby, a girl, who is now five days old. (Congratulations Jenni! I hope you have a monitor that's just as amazing.) So, last night, I hear the squawks followed by the quietest whisper. "It's okay, Buddy. Mommy will come get us. Just wait. Mommy will take care of us." There was a long pause and I realized that the baby had simply fussed in his sleep. Garrett, however, continued to whisper. "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy where are you?" Then he started to cry. I opened their door and called him out to me. He came from the direction of the monitor so I can only assume that he was standing under it (it's mounted to the wall) calling for me, knowing that I could hear him. We stood in the hall for a minute and I realized he was basically sleep walking. I told him to go into my room so we didn't wake his brother up. He misjudged the frame of the door and his head bounced off the metal square. He began wailing.

Me: (scooping him into my arms) Are you okay?
G: I want my mommy.
Me: I'm right here.
G: I just really want my mommy, please.
Me: Garrett. It's me. It's mommy. Are you okay?
G: Yeeeeah.
Me: Alright. Let's go back to bed.
G: I want my mom!
Me: Well, will I do in a pinch?

He was completely asleep the entire time. That or he had a major head injury and, well, I saw him hit. It wasn't that hard.


  1. I hope that was supposed to be funny, because I am laughing! Lol. My mom claims I used to get up and have conversations with her. So weird!

  2. Awwhh poor kiddo. That is TOO funny though

  3. hahah this kid will LOVE these stories when he's older... although I don't know if he'll love that we all get to enjoy them. haha

  4. This is so incredibly cute. It's also bittersweet, because I could just hear Jonathan doing that, if we'd been blessed with another child.