Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I've been trying to upload a video of The Rock Star saying that he wants to be a paleontologist, among other things, all day long but I just can't get it to work. It doesn't fail, it just continues to "try" to upload.

In the meantime, I checked my facebook page and a friend had sent me a link. Turns out, Colt McCoy just got engaged.


Now two people have to meet sudden and untimely deaths for our love story to play out.*

*I'm just clarifying, for all the world (oh, okay, for the seven or so readers who check my blog on a bimonthly basis), that I love my husband. I would be ridiculously inconsolable for a considerable amount of time if he were to ever meet a sudden and untimely death. I would likely beg my parents to let me move back in with them for an undefined amount of time while I tried to get my act together. I would certainly not be attempting to dissolve Colt McCoy's marriage. I probably wouldn't even be watching football and you know how inconsolable I'd have to be to swear off football. Anyway, just for the record. Just so you know I'm not serious. If, by some chance, you thought, for even a split second, that I'd rather be married to a Longhorn.


  1. This was funny:) I have been following your blog for a while now and truly enjoy it. I don't even know how I came across it, but I am glad I did. I have two little ones of my own and have just started my own blog. I realized what a great thing it would be for my children in years to come. I am praying for your situation with your beautiful son. Thank you for sharing your joys and heartaches, it is encouraging to me.


  2. You crack me up. Don't worry, I feel the same way about my husband. However, he knows that George Clooney is my boyfriend, as well. Whenever we see George on TV or in a movie, he says, "Look! It's your boyfriend, George Clooney!" In fact, I refer to him as myboyfriendgeorgeclooney most of the time. :)

  3. i don't actually have anything meaningful to add to your comments, except when I clicked over to read your comments my verification word was "scion" and I just find that so entertaining that now i am writing this nonsense so as to have an excuse to use it.

    and, since you keep talking about Colt McCoy may I just add a hearty GO BUCKEYES!!!

    oh and also maybe your inability to post video is related to my inabilty to post, well, anything, because that's sounds similar to the trouble i've been having...

  4. What made me laugh at the prior Colt McCoy post http://familyfishbowl.blogspot.com/2010/01/real-mccoy.html was the tag: Things I probably shouldn't blog about. Better add it here for follow up! ;)