Monday, January 11, 2010

Brother Boys

Troy has Mondays off and one of my favorite things is snuggling under the covers with my boys on a lazy Monday morning. The Rock Star has started playing this "game" with his brother. He pulls the covers over his face and laughs hysterically as Matthew repeatedly clocks him in the head as he tries to get to the brother under the cover. Matthew, hearing Garrett cackling, begins to shriek with laughter. The more one laughs the more the other laughs.

And my heart is happy.


  1. :-)So cute. I love snuggling with my girls on my bed in the morning.

  2. The sound of the little one's laughter being set off by the one's is one of the best sounds I think I will ever hear. If I was struck deaf tomorrow, it might be the sound I miss most in the world.

  3. I love it when we put the girls to bed and we can hear them giggling at each other. It makes no difference that I have no idea what they are doing; they might be picking their noses or getting out of bed. I just love it that they laugh together.