Monday, January 25, 2010

Peppercorn Steak vs. Hot Dog

This was my brother's facebook status from last night: Got home to my wife making me peppercorn steak with sweet onion marmalade, homemade mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Yep, I had a great end to my day.

This was my response: You guys are like a weird marital cooking show. You run on some bizarre cable channel and I find myself oddly addicted. The food sounds good but it just seems so complicated compared to the hot dogs, french fries, and pineapple that we ate for dinner.

It's not that I can't cook. I can. That is to say, I can follow a recipe as well as the next girl. I don't make Beouf Bourguignon on a regular basis ever, but I don't burn water--at least, not usually. I can make homemade mashed potatoes. I can make asparagus. And I often do. I can make peppercorn steak. I very likely would never put sweet onion marmalade on it on account of the fact that I think Satan exists primarily by his crop of onions. They are harvested in the pit of hell, I tell ya. Okay, actually, I've started cooking more with onions in the past few years but they have got to be cooked so well that they resemble an overdone noodle.

But really, I just want to bring your attention to the level of marital bliss that those two have going on. Heather cooks with sweet onion marmalade and Jon is so excited about it when he gets home from work that he has to facebook about it. Can I get a collective "ahhhh"? I know, right?
So yeah, we seriously had hot dogs for dinner last night. In my defense, we were watching the Saints game before heading out to church for Bible study, they were Super Special Dogs which means that they had dill pickles, tomatoes and cheese all over them, and we were having an incredibly rare picnic on the floor. It should also be noted that Little Buddy did not have a hot dog.

It isn't that I don't make steak (okay, I rarely do, Garrett can't chew it), potatoes and asparagus, it just struck me as funny, the polar opposite meals we ate last night. Heather knew that the way to her man's heart was peppercorn steak with sweet onion marmalade. I knew that the way to my man's heart was a hot dog. Yes, in this case, my man is three feet tall and can't eat in the family room without a towel under him.

I miss Jon and Heather. I miss getting to see them all newlywed-like. But I'm glad for facebook. Otherwise how would I ever know what my brother ate for dinner last night? Also, I'm glad they are lovey dovey cooking meals and staring at each other over a candlelit table. Um. The candlelit table part was emphasis mine, entirely. I have no idea if it even happened like that. Still, it makes me happy.

You know what might make you all happy? Another dialogue with the hilarious Rock Star. To go along with this peppercorn steak verses hot dog blog. From dinner last night:

G: Mommy. I am going to eat another bite of my watermelon now.
Me: That's pineapple, honey.
G: Um. Yeah. I know.
Me: Okay.
G: I just like to call it watermelon.
Me: (laughing) That might cause some confusion at some point.
G: (stabbing a piece of pineapple) Now I am going to put you in my mouth Mr. Watermelon.
Me: (under my breath) Pineapple.
G: (exasperated) Mommy. I know! It's just for fun.
Me: You're a weird kid.


  1. They are just as cute in real life as they are on Facebook or your brother's blog. Sickening I tell you! Just sickening! Not does a mommy's heart good.

  2. Oh, I forgot....what about the amazing recipes we made from The Pioneer Woman cooks? If the level of messiness in a kitchen is any indicator of the success of a meal...we scored an eleven.

  3. LOL! My husband and I were the newlywed cooking show couple for a long time - I personally am obsessed with Food Network and just about came unglued when I opened my shiny new red enameled cast-iron dutch oven on Christmas morning! Funny thing is, I could barely cook when we got married. But then - long story short - I made it a goal to outcook my mother-in-law and it's now kitchen bliss in our home. Some nights. We have a baby now so things look way different. My priority at the moment is "what can I cook the fastest so I can maximize brainless couch time before I have to change and feed the baby again?"

  4. Re: onions. I am no lover of onions either, but I do cook with them more and more as time goes on. Heaven forbid they crunch though. You should try going beyond the wet noodle stage until they are brown and kind of crispy. That's not a raw crunch, it is a cooked in oil goodness crunch. Joanna

  5. I sure wish I had been your English teacher-then I could take some credit-have I said that before-I sure have thought it everytime I read your blog. you make me smile.

  6. I love to cook and try new recipes on Jim all the time. But he does share a few newlywed food stories we have, like the time I cooked the hamburger for meatloaf prior to baking it. Or the time I made rice crispy treats but forgot to melt marshmellows in the butter. Needless to say we have been married a wonderful 12 years, and he still enjoys my cooking. dogs and tater tots are a favorite in our house, too!!


  7. i think my husband and i only ate pizza and pasta that first year we were married. we were so intrigued with one another and "other things" that we just couldn't be bothered to cook a proper meal. we've slowed done a teeny tiny bit though.... ;-)

  8. I just have to say what a torturous game that was to watch! Our Vikings almost made it to the Super Bowl, but apparently they had all eaten Butterfinger candy bars before the big game. Oh well. I'm glad you enjoyed your floor picnic. I have to say I've never had a Special Hot Dog quite like what you served. Crazy west-coasters. :)

  9. Okay, two things are hilarious about this post. Number One is obviously Garrett and the crazy things he says. Number Two is that we actually did eat that meal at a candlelit table. I'm not even kidding. Candles, some wine, and that dinner. Yeah, that's how we roll.

  10. hi Lori! I LOVE cooking so I do something fun for myself every night. I know my husband appreciates and compliments, BUT throw two kiddies into my or Heather's life and peppercorn steak no more I am sure. Love the blog and I want to hang out with your little rock star more.