Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Are you getting sick and tired of reading about the conversations I have with The Rock Star? I sure hope not because I've got another funny one. He fell asleep in the car yesterday on the way home from the train museum. Whenever he takes a nap it takes him considerable time to fall asleep at night. We put him in our bed to start off because his brother wasn't asleep yet and we didn't want them keeping each other awake.

Our bedroom is directly over the family room and after quite some time I heard a giant thud. Did he fall out of bed? I asked Troy. Is he still not asleep? What's going on up there? I often ask Troy questions that he cannot possible know the answer to. I happen to think it is one of my most charming character flaws traits. I got up and headed to the top of the stairs.

G: (standing next to the bed, throwing stuffed animals and pillows onto it, and whispering) I don't know. You should get back in bed, Puppy. It's time to go to sleep. It is nighttime. (Suddenly he caught a glimpse of me and struggled to get quickly back into bed.)
Me: What are you doing?
G: I just want to put my head down here. (It cracks me up how three-year-olds often answer the question with something that makes no sense.)
Me: You need to go to sleep, Dude. It's really late. (I notice that his blanket sleeper is unzipped all the way to his foot.) Why are your jammies unzipped?
G: Um. Just because I was showing Puppy my ankles.

Oh to be three. To suddenly get the crazy idea that your stuffed puppy needs to see your ankles, and then to act on your impulse.


  1. haha that's awesome. and no I never tired of these delightful conversations. :)

  2. HAHAHA!!! Oh man. Three year olds. I really need to start writing down the hilarious things my kids say.

  3. Garrett always makes me laugh out loud! He is so cute! I will never get tired of reading about the funny things he says.

  4. LOL! I never ever get tired of the Rock Star's conversations with you (or anyone/thing else)!

  5. (I think my comment got deleted. If this shows up twice its blogger,com's fault) ANYway, I never ever get tired of the Rock Star's conversations with you (or anyone/thing) else. Keep posting! They definitely bring smiles...

  6. So hilarious! And, if my Jonathan is any yardstick, the hilarious conversations and ideas will still be going at age 5. I wonder if it's partly a boy thing? Yes, Stephanie, start writing them down. I finally started a Word file because 5 has been so funny already.

  7. Let's share:
    Jonathan (5) was taking pics of me in the front seat with a pretend camera from the back car seat. I mugged some, then held up my hand for him to photograph. “I don’t take pictures of hands. This isn’t an X ray!”

  8. I guess you could say I'm a recovering infertile. Jonathan (5) decided that we need a new baby and announced such in the car, then informed me, "You're already getting pregnant. You have two fat balls. [my breasts]" So, twins are on the way!

  9. Garrett is such a crack-up.