Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas In Photos

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2010. Two thousand ten? Twenty ten? Two zero one zero?
Anyway. Christmas has come and gone.

The Rock Star is finished performing with his preschool class. He might have been my favorite pine tree ever.
And he's finished singing with the Sunday schoolers during the night of the Christmas play.

Our church Christmas Eve service has come and gone and no one knows that Little Buddy was throwing one of the biggest tantrums in the history of the world right before we took our family picture. Well, okay, so now you know. I hate keeping secrets. It's stressful.

And so I know he looks grumpy but at least he isn't screaming bloody murder.
Christmas is over. We've opened our presents. We've had our lazy morning opening stockings and our late and leisurely breakfast. We've spent the late morning and early afternoon opening the rest of our gifts. Matthew has opened his Move and Crawl Ball.

The Rock Star has discovered his trash truck.

My parents have come. And gone. They are somewhere near Barstow on their way back to warmer weather. I'll let you in on a little secret--since secrets are stressful and all--this is my new favorite picture of my mom and her grandson.
My dad built Garrett another snow cave. He brought him snow shoes and the two clomped around the yard together. They had a camp out. They went sledding. And ice skating. And he gave him extra popcorn at the movies.
My mom and I did way too much shopping. We had peppermint mochas. We ate too many cookies. We remembered what it's like to live closer than twelve hours away from each other. We took a picture in the door of the snow cave because we're dorks like that.

My parents left this morning. Garrett hates it when they leave. He kept begging me to let him go with them. It was sad. So we took him sledding.
He had a jacket when we started. Then he had a hissy about being hot. He went sledding with his daddy. He went sledding with his mommy. He went sledding with his buddy.
I went sledding.

Contrary to what you're probably thinking, I stuck the landing.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year my friend!

  2. Cute pictures! I love the one of you and your mom in the cave door.

  3. your yearly snow cave has inspired me to make one of my own. It's a work in progress. No one is helping me and I have been anticipating more snow for 2 or 3 days now and it has yet to arrive. One day someone will help me finish this snow cave and I hope to blog a dorky picture of me inside ;-) P.S. the reason I need someone to help is cuz I don't have any building skills. I have just been piling snow from the yard into one pile. Now I need someone to tell me what to do next but that someone has been working and he doesn't have a day off until next thursday :(