Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today the boys and I drove up to Logan, Utah to visit my footprint leaver and her kids. As soon as I veered off the 15 I started feeling homesick. The rest of the drive, although much greener, reminded me of driving into Ramona, California. We passed rolling hills and cows and horses. When we finally got into the town, it was like a slightly larger version of Ramona had plopped itself down in northern Utah. I could almost smell La Cocina's delicious Mexican food beckoning me. Of course, there was no La Cocina. I wasn't in Ramona. It just looked like it. We had a great time visiting and our five hours there flew by much too quickly. Then we turned around and drove the hour and 45 minutes home.

Tomorrow, we'll drive an almost identical route on our way to Boise and then on to Eugene, Oregon on Friday. I'm not looking forward to 192 hours in the car with an almost three-year-old and an almost four-month-old. And okay, so it's not 192 hours but I get a different answer from everyone I talk to. I've heard anywhere from 13 to 16 hours. Since Spud will likely tire of staring at the back of the seat rather quickly and The Rock Star will have to go potty every 45 minutes, I'm anticipating a record for longest trip made from Salt Lake City to Eugene. Yippee. Ti. Yi. Ay. But I am looking forward to what I'll get to see on this trip. I haven't been through Idaho since I was nine. I've never been through eastern Oregon.

I may be out of commission for awhile. I'll try to post once or twice from Oregon but we are looking forward to getting away for a few days. I plan on pretending that lawyers and legal fees and adoption proceedings and birth fathers just don't even exist. I'm planning on simply vacationing with my family of four for the first time. Have a great upcoming week. See you soon.


  1. As someone who just drove from Denver to Portland via Twin Falls, ID because of our 15-month-old I recommend investing (around $99-150) in a small portable DVD player. It just might be worth its weight in gold. We rented dvd's from the library that I can renew online, and away we went. When our son was 5-months-old we traveled overseas for the first time, when he was 8-months-old we took a 12 hour trip, and I can tell you that the baby probably won't be as much of an issue as your eldest! It has gotten progressively more difficult to keep our child entertained. It may not be the longest trip you take, but it won't be the easiest either. Good luck!

  2. You should see the Dubs tomorrow! They are right on the way! She'd love to see your boys! If you call me I'll give you the would be a clean safe potty break.

  3. That's not Aaron, it was MEEEEE

  4. We are leaving for Gillette Wyoming tomorrow....I am driving my handsome boy almost one, and my sisters three kids 9,7,4 YIKES!

    I wish you luck friend and my wish for me....that I don't tie any of the kids to the roof of the expedition and that they all make it there alive. We'll be there for 18 days then driving back....

  5. Have so much fun! Rest, relax and enjoy that beautiful family of yours!

  6. If I had known you were staying the night in Boise, I would have hooked you up with my sister-in-law. You could have crashed in their lovely home overnight for free. Keep this in mind for further trips.
    My son has driven through eastern Oregon before and told me he's not sure why it's even there. It's a bunch of nothing (not that Utah doesn't have its own bunch of nothing drives). I hope you have a grand time away. J