Friday, June 5, 2009


Oh for heaven's sake.

There have many days recently where The Rock Star is not thrilled about napping. Today is one of them. He started out in the guest room but got up too many times so he received his punishment. He had to go to sleep in his bedroom with *gasp* The Baby. Usually he gets so upset about losing his guest room privilege that he goes right to sleep once he's in his bed. Not today. Just as I told him to be quiet and not wake the baby he let out a disobedient shriek. Not only did this pierce my eardrums, it also shot Matthew straight out of dream world and into the land of the living. Luckily I calmed him down and he's back asleep. Garrett, who was perfectly well behaved yesterday, got marched back down to the guest room and told that he'd better keep his bum in the bed. Things were momentarily quiet.

Then I heard a clap of thunder. Things remained quiet for a few minutes and then I heard drawers being opened and closed. I flew down the stairs, swept the boy into my arms and secured him back in bed. He began to weep. "I'm just playing with my dog!" It didn't register for a minute and I told him, again, to stay in the bed.

Me:Wait, what? The dog is in here?
G: Yes!
Me: Where?
G: He's over here hiding.

Sure enough, wedged in the small space between the bed and the wall was my 65 pound neurotic golden retriever. He's terrified of thunder and had, apparently, taken solace in the room of his protector--a 30 pound nearly three year old.

I scolded the dog and threw him out of the room. That's when Garrett started sobbing, "I want my Beck! Please let him stay with me? Puhhhhhleeeeease!" I contemplated.

The boy is curled up in the bed. Beck is curled up on the floor right next to him. I hope that both are asleep. It might not get any cuter than a boy and his dog.


  1. That's cute. But if G keeps misbehaving, you tell him that Uncle Jon is going to get rid of the pirate stuff. That'll whip him into shape.

  2. I am deathly afraid that the dog my son loves most out of all our dogs will just roll over on him in his infinite doggy idiocy and crush the boy, so they have not slept together yet (and I can't trust Echo not to want to cozy up to The Ambassador in bed). But someday in the next couple years, I envision them being the best of co-sleeping buddies. I can't WAIT!

  3. I read this post a few days ago and I couldn't comment because my squirmy bear was crawling all over me - That's cute that Garret and the dog are so close. Aiden is that way about the kitties. Even Tort is warming up to him - I think because he's starved for attention. hehe