Thursday, June 4, 2009

Powder Fresh Scent

I wanted to post yesterday. I needed to post yesterday--the Lord's been teaching me some neat things in my Bible readings, supplemental readings and general attempt at putting together talks for a retreat. (I'm growing more and more convinced that someone spiked my water on the day I agreed to this crazy shenanigan.) I tried to post yesterday. I didn't get very far at all. Generally speaking I blog during nap time. Oh there are days when I don't get to it until the boys have gone to bed at night and there are days I manage to do it early while they're happy in my bed watching "Super Why!" and batting at rattles. And if you think it's always the older one watching "Super Why!" and always the younger one batting at rattles, well, you'd be wrong. Usually, yes. Just not always. Then there are the days when I don't get to blogging at all.

Yesterday we went with our church's Just Older Youth group to see an IMAX film. The Baby, miraculously, slept through it and The Rock Star was hilarious as he tried to grab at the fish swimming by his face. When I got home it was past nap time and I got the boys into their beds quickly. It didn't matter. Garrett got up approximately 9,300 times. Finally, after over an hour, he quieted down and I sat in front of the computer to compose a blog. One sentence into it I heard footsteps on the stairs. You have got to be kidding me! I flew around the corner and came face to face with my son. He was wearing a sheepish look on his otherwise cherubic face.

He whispered, presumably so as not to wake his brother, "Mommy, come see."

"Come see what?" I replied with a biting edge to my tone.

"Come see what I did."

Exhibit A: The victim.

Exhibit B: The scene of the crime. The victim is lying, empty, in Garrett's bed, its guts piled on his sheet, blood spatter covering the baby wipe container, and sprinkled all over his stuffed animals.
Exhibit C: Additional piles of the victim's entrails.
Exhibit D: The largest pile of guts. I believe this is all vital organs here. The fan is powdered, the shirt is powdered, the wall behind the dresser is powdered. It's incredibly gruesome.

Exhibit E: Blood spatter. A diaper pail has been knocked over in the "suspect's" haste to make sure that he sprinkled his victim over ever part of the crime scene his bedroom.

The suspect--and come on, he confessed, led me straight to the victim and the only other possibility is a three month old--was punished severely. He was then placed in the brig otherwise known as time out while he awaited trial before the judge, his father.
Sentencing occurred. Privileges were lost--believe me he knows better than to play in powder. Community service was issued in the form of helping mommy clean up the crime scene. By the way, cleaning up the crime scene was a nightmare and it smelled like a fresh, clean baby exploded sending bits of nursery dust in every direction.
Garrett never did take a nap yesterday.


  1. Someday you can explain to him how much more expensive the all-natural stuff is, and next time he wants to vandalize he should go with the container that has the least amount of colors and pictures on it.
    Oh the sacrifice of those poor bees

  2. Wow. I love that he comes out to tell you what he did though lol. "Here Mom, come look at the huge mess I made - I'm sure you'll love it and be really happy with me."

  3. At least he came and told you what he did. :) And you didn't just discover it sometime later. The joys of Motherhood! :)

  4. I can't imagine the powder dust you guys must have breathed in. I want to cough just thinking about it. Sorry, it was funny though but only because I didn't have to clean it up.

  5. Wow, he sure keeps you on your toes. Aren't boys fabulous though?

  6. That stuff is hard to clean up - you try water and then end up with a huge glob o' powder.

    Funny - I used "exhibits" in my post today too. :)

  7. I really wish you had turned on the fan. that is all I could think about when I saw that picture.

  8. When Amanda was around the same age, there was too much quiet coming from upstairs. Kevin went up to find her sitting in the middle of the bathroom floor, having dumped the entire contents of the industrial size bottle of baby powder all over her and everything else. J

  9. At least he didn't turn ON the fan!