Monday, June 15, 2009


Living with an almost three-year-old who, in the course of a year, went from hardly saying a thing to spewing word vomit all the live long day is hilarious. Today, he saw a large orange cone outside of Costco and asked me what it was. When I replied that it was a cone he said, "A really huge ice cream cone?"

I said, "No. Just a cone."

"Kinda looks like a really huge ice cream cone."

Um. Okay then.

During his toast at my wedding, my dad joked that I'd been born missing an important off switch. Apparently this is a hereditary defect. Garrett has certainly inherited the deficiency.

He also inherited quite an imagination.

G: There is a big spider on mine elwint (elephant).
Me: (used to this nonsense) What color is it?
Me: Alright, I'm not too concerned.
T: Give it to me. I'll eat it.
G: (pretends to hand Troy something. Troy then pretends to eat the pink spider.) You ate the big pink spider?
T: Yep. He's in my tummy.
G: Oh no! Now there's a big green one. Get off mine elwint. Get in my tummy.

Never a dull moment.


  1. Um....hopefully he doesn't start eating real spiders.

  2. You should have explained to Garrett about how the cones are also known as "delineators" and how in college one suddenly appeared on top of Brown Chapel and you maybe know the responsible party.... ;)