Monday, June 22, 2009


For any of you stopping by to see how today's deposition went. It didn't. Today’s informal deposition of BF was postponed due to conflicts in his attorney’s schedule. Our lawyer left him all dates available for him between today and the next hearing. At least it didn't cost us any money.

Oh yeah...I guess I didn't really understand that these are "informal" depositions.

In other news, I went to WalMart today to get a few things for our trip. (We're driving to Oregon at the end of the week.) While standing in the travel section looking for plastic bottles to Matthew's shampoo and lotion in, The Rock Star saw the feminine hygiene section. Now, he's asked me what they are and I just reply, "Girlie things."

Today he said, loudly, "Mommy, those are girlie badeens."

It should be noted that badeen is his word for Band-Aid.


  1. Can I be the first to say it? Oh Garrett!!!

  2. One day you may find Garrett adorned in a girlie badeen when a boy badeen is nowhere to be found... just sayin'... :)

  3. LOL! I love the "girl band-aid" comment! My daughter saw a pad in my purse once and is now convinced that I wear diapers!

  4. Wow. I just stayed up until 1 AM reading your blog! Your love for your family and God shines through in everything you write! I'm praying for you and will take one of your buttons if that's okay.

  5. Okay, in my humble opinion, if you continue to miss court dates and can't manage to make it there when you're supposed to, you lose. Obviously you don't want to be there enough to make it happen, so you lose. Done.

  6. I agree with Jon. The BF forfeits. J