Saturday, June 6, 2009

To My Heart

Throughout this custody battle, my husband has been my rock. When I am quick to sob, freak out, carry on, enter into total despair become emotional, he is slow. When I am beside myself with fear, he is rational and level headed. When I blink, see the waves around us, and begin to sink into the Sea of Galilee, Troy reminds me that the Lord is right there with us. Reminds me, in fact, that He's the reason we got out of the boat to begin with.

I love that man. I love him for all that he is to me on a daily basis--moment by moment. I love that he is my best friend, my comedian, my counselor, my biggest fan, my heart, my pastor, my everything. When I'm sick of myself I love that he said, "In sickness and in health." When I'm emotional I love that he said, "For better or worse." When we get a $2,500 dollar legal bill in the mail on his birthday I love that he said, "For richer or poorer." And I love that he meant those things.

Oh, and I love that he is the father of my children.

Happy Birthday. I love you with my whole heart.


  1. aw, that was so sweet. you guys were made for each other.

    hey, i nominated you for the 'lovely blog award' you can pick it up over on my blog. :o)

    happy birthday troy!

  2. Aww... that was so lovely. Happy birthday, Troy!

  3. That's a beautiful post. and that picture of him and garret shaving is too adorable!

  4. Kinda gives me little goose bumps! I am so happy to know my brother is so deeply loved! JV

  5. Wow, this guy you're describing sounds great. I wish I could meet him sometime.

    Anyway, you're pretty great too. I love you back.


    P.S. I also love the extreme Oregon fashion faux paux that is me wearing a Beaver shirt and a Duck hat especially AT THE SAME TIME. I guess that's what happens when your boy wants to play ball and brings you a hat . . .