Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garrett Calls Him Little Buddy

On my blog, of late, I've been referring to my eldest as The Rock Star. This is because he often does a funny little jig and yelps, "I'm a rock star!" I've since learned that this comes from PBS's Sid the Science Kid.

Matthew has either been called, well, Matthew, mostly. Occasionally I go with The Baby. This is because in real life I call him one of three things.

1. Matthew
2. The Baby
3. Spud

The third originated for several reasons. For starters, the kid is a little miniature heifer and feels like a sack of potatoes when he's being carried around for longer than, oh, eleven seconds. I can handle it because I do it all the time. But I kid you not, when people hold him at church they slowly begin hunching over until they're bent completely in half and they are, in fact, dragging Matthew between their legs. Okay, so maybe the part about I kid you not isn't entirely true. But he is dead weight. I promise. Second, on any given day he accomplishes about as much as a potato. And third, he is shaped quite like a potato. It's okay though. I love potatoes.

But see, I know that "Spud" is not the least bit complimentary. I realize it's down right rude to call one of my sons The Rock Star and the other son The Spud. I mean, that's second in horribleness only to The Heir and The Spare and I don't really want Matthew ending up in the tabloids or on a couch some day because I called him Spud on a blog that has 6 readers, even if 5 of them are family members.

So I don't know what to call him here. The Baby will only work for the next few months. Heck, it'll practically be outdated by the time he either is or isn't legally mine forever. Spud...well...I don't know. It makes him smile but there are laws about child abuse. What do you think?


  1. Could be The Rock Star and The Roadie. OR The Rock Star and The Groupie.

    There's always Pudge or Fat Albert.

    No? How about The Rock Star and The American Idol? He does love to sing and make noise.

  2. I think you need to change Garrett's name. He is now Ivory. Matthew would be, of course, Ebony. No? You can use M-Cat if you want. Or Tank. I just got another one! You say he has rolls, right? And he's kind of, well, brown? Tootsie Roll!!! Man, I'm pretty much awesome at this game.

  3. if you call him "spuddy" and say it fast, it might sound like "buddy". i wouldn't worry too much, though. it took 2 years for garrett's nickname. and you just can't force a good nickname.

    p.s. i know it's a joke and you wouldn't use it, but since it's there i have to at least mention that the tootsie roll nickname probably isn't the best. i certainly had a visceral response when i saw it.

  4. I think you can embrace Spud to be cool - as his personality develops so will his nicknames. The Rock Star just surface. :) We call Aiden "bear" ... "baby bear" is how it started... but often he's just "bear" :)

    You can call him Mercury after a heavy metal ;-) hehe get it heavy metal, The Rock Star. Ha - I kill ;-)

  5. I like Spud. It reminds me of Rudy's friend on the Cosby show she called Bud, but pronounce Buuuud.

  6. You only have 3 names for Matthew?!! Haha, I think I have 100 for Jack...actually, he may never know that his birth name is Jack...hmmm....

    SPUD rocks!

  7. Ok....Tootsie Roll totally rocks! I'm still laughing. But, somehow wwhen he gets older and it gets shortened to Tootsie, I'll have images of Dustin Hoffman in my mind dressed like a woman. At least I think it was Dustin Hoffman.

  8. I like spud and as he grows older you could change it to stud. :)

  9. I really like Spud. Unique and really cute. My daughter has had lots of nicknames already, but the one that has stuck so far is Bubbaloo (Bubba for short). Although I don't remember where it came from :)

  10. we called our big little guy "tubby" :)

    spud is cute and the same reasoning... like a little sack of 'tatoes.

  11. I like Spud. You say it with affection and that is what makes it so great.

  12. How about Paul and Michael (the ebony and ivory one gave me the idea, LOL)? Oh well, just stick with The Baby for now. Once he grows older, you'll eventually find out what to call him.