Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

Over the course of the past three years, Garrett has been "betrothed" to several girls. This is a direct result of the fact that he was the only boy born during 2006. I knew like 6,000,281 women who were pregnant at the same time I was and every single one of them had girls. When we swung into '07 people started having boys again but Garrett holds the distinction of being the only male child born in 2006. Nearly all of his little friends here in SLC are girls as well so it wasn't just something in the water in San Diego. We're talking about a widespread phenomena. As a result, he has his fair share of ladies to choose from and many of my friends with little girls refer to him as their future son-in-law. We were waiting to see what each girl would offer as a dowry before making our final decision.

But he's going to have a tough time letting his many girls down gently because, at the tender age of almost three, he's made his choice. "I love you all--as friends. I just can't marry all of you. I'm sorry. It's not you. It's me..." These are some of the things I've instructed him to say. I can think of several little two and three year old girls who are now back on the market.

But not Ana.

Ana is his future wife. She knows it. He knows it. She's the future Mrs. The Rock Star.

Once upon a time, Garrett and I were having a conversation. I asked him if he was planning on getting married someday and he said yes. I asked him who he wanted to marry and the list included his father, me, and his beloved golden retriever. I suggested that he choose someone who was not his parent or his canine, explaining that it might be nice if he married a nice girl--who wasn't his mother. All at once a light bulb flickered on in the recesses of his mind and he shouted, "Ana!"

Her mother was at my house a couple weeks ago and, while The Rock Star and His Future Wife played together in the playroom, she told me about the following conversation.

M: Where are you going to get married?
A: In a church.
M: What are you going to wear?
A: A big really huge huge really big white dress.
M: Who are you going to marry?
A: Mia! (That's her sister)
M: Maybe you should pick a boy.
A: Garrett!

Now, if you ask either of them who they are going to marry they respond with each other's name. Last night Ana's cousin asked Garrett who he was going to marry...

G: Ana!
J: And who is Ana going to marry?
G: Me. (And he said this part kind of like, "duh!")

She's a lovely three year old. Yes, she's an older woman. She's graced this planet with her presence for about two months longer than The Rock Star has. She is an adorable little red head and, given the gene pool in this family, I'm certain that means I would have precious little red-headed grandchildren. She's well behaved and intelligent. Overall, I think it's a good match.
Which is why, I'm in full support of this...

Check out that beautiful plastic, striped ring. Any girl would be lucky to have such a gorgeous piece of jewelry. And, well, the adorable face attached to it. We won't tell Ana that such a smile was accomplished when her groom's mother instructed him to say, "Poopie!" We'll let her think he's brimming over with adoration for her. He does love her, he just loves bodily functions slightly more at this point.

Part of me can't handle this photo. Part of me sees him twentysome years from now all grown up and shaving and getting married. Oh Little Boy Blue, please try not to grow up too fast.


  1. There's a lot of talk around my office about same sex marriage, and if that is OK, then polygamy should be OK too...not that I agree, but just a heads up that by the time the Rock Star is ready to wed, by law he might be able to marry all the girls after all.

  2. Raegann is definitely ready to choose her future husband. She asks me nearly every day who Ricky wants to marry, and then completes her thought by saying, "I hope he wants to marry me..." It is so cute. Kammie just wants to argue with any little boy who tries to play with this point she doesn't understand when I tell her she can't marry a girl.
    That picture is priceless! What a cutie!

  3. I cannot believe you got him to pose for that. PRICELESS. save it, save it, save it, for 39 (you're welcome) years from now, when you do that cutesy slideshow for the wedding...

    your son is super handsome and cute. in general.

    ps I am on a work strike because if one more thing goes wrong (including my internet crashing) I will absolutely come unglued. so, thank you for providing something extremely entertaining to read whilst I strike.

  4. That is so cute! What girl wouldn't want to marry that little cutie? (okay, not me...but you get the idea)

  5. That kind of breaks my heart a little.

    If you ever move from that other state & come back to California, I have a 2006 boy that'd love some good "poopie" jokes.

  6. That is soooo cute. Kind of makes me sad to think that he will probably go through a phase soon where he doesn't like girls at all. Remember what good friends your brother and Hilary were when they were little?

  7. That picture is pretty much perfect. He's gonna have to beat all the girls off with a stick. *This commenter does not condone violence, especially against women.*

  8. Ohhh... G is such a cutie pie!! How about a younger girl? I'm thinking... one born at the tail-end of 2008? ;)

    I just started tearing up at the idea of my boy down on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand, proposing to some girl who is NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM! He just proposed to me last week. I think I may just keep my answer as "yes" and tell the hussies to stay away from him.

  9. Jory and I just laughed until we cried. Ana still insists that she is going to marry Garrett. I checked with her just yesterday and the wedding is still on. I should be nervous at the thought of my daughter planning her wedding (especially at the tender age of three) but not if it is going to be to Garrett. This is so cute, I really hope he doesn't start growing cooties any time soon.

  10. Isn't it cute when two kids say they are going to marry each other? In the back of my mind, I really hope they will because it makes me believe in such terms like "soul mate" or "destiny." Then again, a lot of things can still happen for the next 20 or 30 years...
    But wouldn't it be precious if after all those years, they'll see each other again and remember all the talk about marriage that they did when they were young, and eventually marry each other, like they have said?
    ... that can be a good story for a romance novel, huh? Haha~