Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Does A Skunk Say?

Ask my son what sound a dog or a puppy makes, he barks. Ask him what sound a cow makes, he barks. Ask him what sound a sheep makes, he barks. Ask him what sound a kitty makes, he barks. Ask him what sound a bird makes, he barks. Ask him what sound a skunk makes, he plugs his nose and occasionally attempts to say peee uuuuu. My mom wanted to see a video of him doing it, so I tried, all afternoon, to get a good one. I finally did and then, accidentally, deleted it. I had to settle for the one that's posted above.

In other news I finally drove in a snowstorm. The kiddo and I went to Michael's and, though it was cold and gray when I entered, there was not a snowflake in sight. When I came out, about an hour later, my car was covered and the gray sky was...pouring snow? I think I drove about ten miles an hour all the way home. Cars were flying past me and, I'm sure, had I taken my eyes off the road long enough to glance sideways, I would have seen a few middle fingers being thrown in my direction. And I am, truly, very sorry but I'm a southern Californian. A little rain is stereotypically enough for me to get all up in a tizzy. White substances flittering all around my vehicle, guerrilla warfare style, should be reason enough for a full blown panic attack.

I have to go now. Every two seconds my son tries, rather successfully, to type his own sentences or comes precariously close to turning off the laptop or grabs my hand and screams and when I don't obey his command immediately, he shrieks in my face. I usually write blogs while he is catching some happy z's but today I was cleaning the basement and paying bills while he counted sheep. High times that was.


  1. It appears he has mastered his anatomy class. On to organic chemistry.

  2. I don't even know how I arrived at your blog. But I also love Jesus!! Your words are so honest and inspiring. I am a Mom who has passed the little kid stage and have grown up children. When I read I pray for those blogs I love read to be encouraged and blessed.
    blessings to you and your young family

  3. he's too cute. it's just like a guy not to perform when we want 'em to. wow, i'm impressed (driving in the snow) i would have called jay to come rescue me. so what's having a basement like? is it scary?

  4. made me laugh :) thanks, garrett!