Monday, January 28, 2008

Going To Grandma's

We're going to San Diego on Thursday, the boy and I. Now, if you know anything about me at all you know that I am generally not a procrastinator. On top of not being a procrastinator, I basically have anxiety attacks when it comes to packing. I have to make a list, check it twice, you know I'm basically Santa Claus. I have to color coordinate, which, for some reason sends me into panic mode, especially where shoe efficiency is involved. In order to alleviate the stress of packing, I begin early. When we went on our Israel trip, I honestly think I began laying clothes out two and a half weeks in advance. For Hawaii, it was a good week. I come by it honestly though, as my parents usually have their suitcases packed and loaded in the car three months before an actual vacation. It just so happens I come from a family of planners. It's a good thing. Isn't it? It's endearing, no? So anyway, I starting packing this morning. I waited until Monday, that's as long as my obsessive compulsive disorder would allow.

So, as I was rummaging around the closet and Troy was playing with Garrett, I began to hear giggling. I thought it was your average every day father son snickering. When I exited the closet this is what I found...

Now, my brother and I used to play this game we called "Going to Grandma's." I'm not sure if this was a common game played by the masses or if we invented it, but it went something like this:

Me: I'm going to grandma's and I'm taking an apple.
Jon: I'm going to grandma's and I'm taking an apple and a beach ball.
Me: I'm going to grandma's and I'm taking an apple, a beach ball and a canteen.
Jon: I'm going to grandma's and I'm taking an apple, a beach ball, a canteen and dental floss.

And on and on and on it went until we reached the letter Z or someone messed up. We both had pretty good memories, so it was usually the former. Now, I can guarantee that when we "went to Grandma's" we never took stuffed pig slippers, a Click Clack Train Engine book, or an ab roller. Apparently, these are extremely necessary items when visiting Grandma and Grandpa in San Diego. Once the boy was successfully packed with his prized items, there wasn't any room left for our clothes.

"Hey Mom. Hey Dad. We're here. Garrett did the packing. We have the pig slippers, the ab roller and a children's book. Can't think of anything else we might need. Can you?"


  1. Nope. Thats about all you need. Maybe a Snow Fling/bugler. Can you fit that in the suitcase?

  2. Well what a cute picture!! Your blog made me laugh, because I have a disorder when it comes to packing, too. Mine, however, is to pack everything early, then I worry like crazy that maybe I forgot something. So I've been known to take things out again before the trip and double check. I even made Jim pull over before we hit Santa Ysabel, when we left for Colorado. I know I packed my medicine, but I wanted to check again. How do you say "looney".....

    Anyways, have a safe trip!!

  3. First and foremost, Dad and I want a disclaimer because we have NEVER packed 3 months in advance. Now I will admitt to laying certain things out on the guest bed a couple of weeks early. IF we packed 3 months early, you wouldn't have any place to sleep this week because stuff would be on the guest bed! I did have to laugh at Trish's comment because I will check and recheck to make sure I have packed tickets. I should just staple them to my forehead! Love the picture and can't wait to see you.

  4. That picture is so cute. Can't wait to see you!

  5. okay, is it just me, or is it because of the very adorable boy sitting on them, but why has no one commented on the outrageous piggie slippers? They're Troy's aren't they! Nice Troy, very nice! I want some!