Friday, January 25, 2008

The Week In Review

Troy's parents were visiting during the past week and here is a sampling of some of the things that happened while they were here. I didn't take any pictures of my mother-in-law hacking up her lungs and being sick and miserable for most of the week. I didn't think she'd take too kindly to that. So first, we have Garrett all dressed up in his Charger colors. It didn't help. He was eighteen months that day and I am left to wonder when my baby became a little boy.

Then, it snowed and snowed and snowed and we got about nine inches and my street looked like a football field covered in snow and my backyard looked like Narnia.

Here is Garrett hanging out in his playroom with his Grandma DeDe and his Grandpa Gary.

It warmed up today--to a whole 35 degrees and the snow started melting. I went outside and saw glorious icicles. In an attempt to grab one of them, I almost lost my life when all eight came down straight on me like murderous daggers. I totally had to squeeze my eyes tightly shut to avoid losing one of them and throw my hands up in front of my face to dodge lacerations. In any case, they all fell and broke but I managed to save half of one and Garrett had a yummy frozen snack. This is half of it, mind you. HALF.
Finally, here is Garrett's belly, two weeks post op. I know it still looks like a crater but trust me when I say that the swelling has gone down a considerable amount and it is starting to resemble an average looking outtie button. Okay, so I cannot figure out how to make the text look normal with all the pictures. Sorry that it's ugly.


  1. Be careful! People get impaled with icicles and die ALL THE TIME... okay I'm being dramatic because I can't honestly recall the last time (or ever) that I've read about someone dying of icicle-impaling but it does happen.

  2. Eek! The snow, the ice, oh my! Glad to hear the little one's healing up and you had visitors (albeit under the weather for mama-in-law).

    Thanks for showing the snow. I gasped a little and thought, "Oh wow, the chilly Portland temps are so utterly bearable. Driving in snow is the best/worst nightmare I've left behind."


  3. His belly button aka. snout looks great! His hands look sooo cold eating that icicle. I can't wait to see him in just 4 days! I'm not counting today cuz it's already here!!!